Pre-order Gran Turismo 5, get a Free Racing Wheel

Looking for more reasons to pick up Gran Turismo five this fall? Futureshop is bundling a free racing wheel to those who pre-order...

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Lovable3291d ago

This is the best pre order bonus yet. It's something that improves the game experience...

samoon3291d ago

I've actually been looking into finding a cheap, decent racing wheel in time for Gran Turismo. This looks to be a match made in heaven deal for me.

number473290d ago

Stupid idea.

Buy a Digital Force Pro. The older one... works fine, cant be more than 40(usd) and is quality. Was 160 when new.

Dont waste it on this garbage.

DERKADER3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Invest in a solid Logitech wheel. That wheel in the picture looks cheaper then mad catz wheels. Does anyone know if GT5 even supports that unnamed wheel?

Bigpappy3290d ago Show
MmaFanQc3290d ago

waste what?

its FREE with the game you dumb goober.

number473290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Feel free to do the following:

Put 87 low grade fuel in your v12 ferrari.
Eat your filet mignon well done.
Water down your 50 year old aged scotch
Get a spray tan.
Build a Mansion with no back yard.

and play GT5 with a sh)t ass wheel.

Its cheapening the experience. the DFpro provides amazing force input\feedback, and has pedals.

Enjoy your cooked sushi :)

wsoutlaw873290d ago

how could a free wheel be a bad thing

Lovable3290d ago

How can a wheel cheapen the experience when all you have as an alternative is a dual shock. Your logic does not compute.

ImpartialMan3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

lol. it had huge preorder last month.

amazing how you still have all your bubbles after trolling every ps3 article

plz keep your stupid fanboy conspiracy theory to yourself

HSx93290d ago

OMG im getting this, I already have a wheel, but having 2 to play with my friends in splitscreen would be amazing.

Mr_Bun3290d ago

You completely missed the point. A lot of people I know aren't going to spend ANY money on a wheel so for them, cheap or not, this is a better option than just the DualShock. Also for the record, I eat deep fried sushi rolls and they are amazing.

---stone---3290d ago Show
Dee_913290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

its NOT a stupid idea just pointless because i had a cheap wheel like that and trust me when i say the ds3 is better
im not saying dont get it but itl just be extra stuff in your storage because u will never use it lol
best and only wheel that will feel better than a ds3 is a g27, force pro etc. nothing cheaper than 50 usd bassically
its like mcdonalds giving you FREE fried roaches with your smoothie lol
but i have a feeling some of u would get it anyway because its free

BUT !! i never used this particular wheel befor so i really dont know
im just speaking on ny experience with a cheap wheel

TronEOL3290d ago

OR you could pre-order the game and get a free gaming wheel with it.
Then when you have money to upgrade (you know, not all of us are rich), get a new wheel.

I never knew that someone would actually complain about getting something absolutely free.

Millah3290d ago

Pretty sure it's free because the game is probably WORSE with it. Playing with the controller is better than playing with a garbage wheel.

No FanS Land3290d ago

GT5 might support, it but it won't be recognised as a wheel, just a much more variable analog controller.

Heisenberg3290d ago

Who cares if it's a sub par wheel, at worst you could use a better one yourself, and save this wheel for second player for friends, which is better than a DS3.

It's amazing that people are bitching because the wheel isn't top of the line... Usually you get a fuckin rinky dink art book with preorders or something, now that you get something actually useful and above and beyond the norm, you bitch because your FREE racing wheel isn't expensive enough?

Dee_913290d ago

whos bitching ??
its a cheap wheel . and judging by other cheap wheel i had ( even had pedals ) its not better than ds3
nobody bitching im just saying it will be a disappointment if you think it will actually further enhance the driving experience than a ds3
so im more of .. informing than bitching

Heisenberg3289d ago

I don't recall singling you out... There are other comments in case you haven't noticed. And good for you, that's your opinion, I would be happy to get a free wheel regardless. But again, I wasn't talking about you in the first place. And as for your question "Who's bitching?" well, plenty of people, it's up to you to read the comments, I can't do that for you.

Dee_913289d ago

well the fact that you pointed out that its better than a ds3 and im the only one who said its not better ..
and im pretty sure u considered me part of the"bitching crowd"

any free wheel is better than no wheel i guess

id perfer limited edition cars :p

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visualb3290d ago

like...really cheap yet decent? otherwise I'll stick to dualshock.

dno, smt about buying a racing wheel and pedals for one game seems overkill to me =|

UltimateIdiot9113290d ago

Look at my post below. That's about as cheap as you can get to a really good wheel.

visualb3290d ago

helpful bubs comin' your way!

NatureOfLogic3290d ago

ok,now im going to pre-order this

-Ikon-3290d ago

EBAY or Craiglist free wheel. Then buy a good wheel like the GT one. It's $100 best wheel for money!!

DigitalAnalog3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

That this wheel would "explode" out of sheer awesomeness of GT5.

-End statement

mugoldeneagle033290d ago

I take it you can't "import" this to the US? I've tried my postal code and it keeps saying invalid.

Damn :(

NateNater3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Same here! I was so upset when it wouldn't let me put my zip code in. I must have tried at least 15 times. You win this time Canada.

garos823290d ago

if this is also true in the uk? ive preordered from game.

any help would be appreciated

JetLyfe4203290d ago


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jay23291d ago

Not too sure I'd go for that, I'd probally go for a nice Logitech wheel, I've got no idea what brand that wheel is.

samoon3290d ago

But hey free is free. If you had a choice of pre-ordering the game why not go for a deal that tosses something like this for free?

SoSLy3290d ago

yea by the look of that picture, it looks pretty cheap and it may break immediately after few days of gameplay.

wsoutlaw873290d ago

ya but you paid 0$ for it

limewax3290d ago

Agreed, I just bought a logitech for this, And although at first I thought I missed something here, I wouldnt have personally gone for it anyway. It is still a great deal for anyone who may want it though

Wrong country for me anyway, many many miles away lol

JetLyfe4203290d ago

yea its free, but how do you plan to gas/brake while turning? it has no pedals! this thing isn't worth the plastic is was molded from.

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samoon3290d ago

But who cares.

If you don't have any wheel whatsoever this deal is perfect and if you do it's still not bad either. You're getting more for the price of a game.

Darkspade3290d ago

I would have pre ordered this game but who knows when I'd get it

leonlion3290d ago

how have you got 5 bubbles? troll!

bobrea3290d ago

Lighten up, it's a goddamn joke

samoon3290d ago

I c what you did there >.>

sbizarre3290d ago

:( Australia you should learn from this.. If I lived i'n Canada I would soo get this.

Def Warrant3290d ago

Nice to see a fellow aussie on this site. Cheers mate.