Sony Ericsson to introduce Windows Phone 7 in 2011

Sony Ericsson, Sony Corp.'s handset division, will introduce Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices next year as it dumps Nokia's Symbian mobile operating system, CEO Bert Nordberg said today.

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gamingdroid3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Sounds like that rumor about Sony making an Android based PSP phone (PSP2?) is less likely since a WP7 set would directly compete with that. So it seems PSP2 will still be a dedicated portable gaming unit with no phone functionality.

Enate3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I was gonna tell Sony Ericsson the same thing Android FTW.

lastdual3697d ago

Not unusual, considering Sony has been selling VAIO PCs with Windows on them for years. The companies are not as bitterly opposed as some fanboys seem to think. And WP7 looks like a nice improvement over the older windows phones.

Cratos87803697d ago

I thought Sony was going with Android?

Kalowest3697d ago

Sony's using both; Sony Google TV, and now Sony Ericsson WP7. The PSP2 is rumored to use a Android like OS.

Cratos87803697d ago

WP7 can also play games. So isn't WP7 a competitor to PSP2? If PSP2 is also a phone, then why is Sony making a WP7 phone?

hoops3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Sony is doing both.
Unike N4G.COM which is full of MS and SOny fanboys, Sony and MS are in this to make money and Sony will make more money by having multiple OS's on its hardware/phones.
Only fanboys cannot phathom this concept...the concept that THIS IS A BUSINESS

kneon3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

None of the OEMs are dumb enough to go 100% Android, or 100% anything. They need a range of devices to appeal to everyone.

SEMC have been making Windows Mobile phones for a while so this is no surprise, I have a couple of them. Pretty good phones except for the crap OS. I had high hopes for WinMo 7 since the desktop Windows 7 is so good. But so far it looks like only a minor improvement over 6.5.

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btk3696d ago

Dumps Symbian? Dumps Android? Move to Windows Mobile 7?
No - they make phones for all these mobile operating systems and let the consumer decide.

MexicanAppleThief3696d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

kneon3696d ago

That's for smartphones only. As far as I know they are still using Symbian on feature phones.

xYokox3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

LOL! Symbian is ONLY on smartphones.

Feature ones never run any of those OS. They only have J2ME or Brew.

Edit - exclusive for N4G, since it's the only place where people can argue about anything:

kneon3696d ago

No Symbian is also used in some feature phones, generally the higher end feature phones while the low end are usually some simple RTOS.

But you seem to be a bit confused. J2ME is not an OS, it's a development platform that runs on top of an OS, anything from a simple RTOS right through to Symbian and windows mobile etc. And BREW is the same, under BREW is the REX RTOS.

xYokox3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I know what J2me/Brew are, the point was about third party software (like the link I gave you says).

Dude, are you serious? 'Feature' phones are the ones that lack an actual OS, they're also called 'dumb phones'.

Name me one feature phone that runs an actual OS(be it Symbian or anything) as opposed to custom one,

Edit - and actually just try googling it. They've dropped it completely, alongside Samsung:

quote:' In a posting on its Platform blog, the device maker said its support will be discontinued as of Dec. 31, and it recommended that any Symbian-related issues be posted or material be downloaded before that deadline. It also said its registration and certification of Symbian applications will cease on that date.'

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Weather3696d ago

Now that your precious Sony is involved?

TheOldOne3696d ago

who are you talking to?

hoops3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I think he is just throwing that out to the fanboys here at N4G.COM
It should be interesting though how the SDF take this LOL
Edit below:
MS is not doing any of the hardware for the phones. They are just doing the software

karl3696d ago

i wish MS would do just software and sony should just take care of the hardware..

next gen = a console made by the two companies ... lol that would be cool

Ares84PS33696d ago

You always get a better result if you work together. But I don't think they are willing to do that but they easily could and just split the profits.

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