Warren Spector 'Would Love' to Develop Small, Downloadable Games

The game industry has grown tremendously in the last 25 years and so have the budgets and team sizes that are required to build triple-A titles many consumers now expect. The advent of faster broadband Internet and connected consoles, however, has given many developers another avenue to pursue: smaller downloadable games for networks like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or WiiWare.

Junction Point's Warren Spector is a veteran who started making games when team sizes were far, far smaller, and in some ways he'd very much like to get back to that. Although he has no current plans to make small downloadable games at the moment, he expressed his desire to do so in a recent in-depth interview with IndustryGamers.

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Trroy3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Every game developer would love to do that. They aren't "allowed" to, because their publishers won't pay for it. They'd have to start a small studio, and self-publish, to do it instead.

Publishers don't like risks, and games are too expensive to make "indie movie" style. You pretty much need 4-10 people at a minimum, unless you have years to burn on the project by yourself. The games biz is brutally competitive these days -- most people just don't have the (creative + artistic + design) muscle to make a competitive game by themselves anymore.

Spector is a great, even phenominal, designer, but I doubt he has the programming or art skills to put together even a marginally decent DL game these days.