World's Highest Gamerscore Reaches Half a Million

Stallion83 holds the Guinness World Record for the highest gamerscore in the world, and he's just reached 500,000 gamerscore points. Think you can catch up?

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ezcex3287d ago ShowReplies(5)
hennessey863287d ago

i play games quite alot and have a gamer score of just under 20 thousand . This guy needs to get a life because that is plain pathetic. The amount of time he must spend playimg games wow he needs to discover the femail species

FunAndGun3287d ago

You know, someone could say the same thing about your 20,000 score.

Someone who doesn't play games at all could tell you to get a life.

hennessey863287d ago

thers a big difference between 20000 and 500000 isnt there but yes a none gamer could tell me to get a life at which point id tell him to buy a console because hes missing out

MadMan003287d ago

If you knew the guy you would know he actually has a GF and she's not even that bad lookin, so GTFO, thanks.

jimsondanet3287d ago

all work an no play makes stallion a dull boy

snipes1013286d ago

I find it funny that youre on a gaming website dissing someone for playing too much. So he plays more than you, who cares. You're probably sitting home alone on fridays beating it while he's getting action from his gf and youre mad hahaha.

SirRunic3286d ago

Femail? I think you mean female buddy.

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NewZealander3287d ago

mines about 51,090 but add about 300 to that for finally finishing halo reach on legendary last night, i haven't connected my console online yet so it wont show atm.

HolyOrangeCows3287d ago

Wallace: "Hey, Gromit! We just helped a dork win an internets!"
Gromit: *Rolls eyes*

wsoutlaw873287d ago

this guy must have a lot of extra money, no job, and a lot of time.

kasasensei3287d ago

budgetgamer, budgetgamerscore

gameraxis3286d ago

but that's not for me, i game like 4 hours a day IF the outside world allows me I'm level 12 (almost on ps3) and only have 1500 on xbox, partially because i just got a 360 back with my old name...after 3 years of not having one, the only games i played on the 360 were quake 3, cod 2, gears 1, and reach... from looking at that u can tell when it broke and then when i got the kinnect ready one lol...

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PRHB HYBRiiD3287d ago

40530 mines...but this guy play easy games...sims? wallace and gromit? wtf those are child games....i bet he played avatar too -.- and king kong and ninja turtles and fight night round 3 and terminator.

Zachmo1823287d ago

Yea but dude..Sure he probably plays easy games....There are probably like 20 games that just hand them to you and im sure he played them. But damn this guy has no life thats a fuck load of gamerpoints.

Btw sims isn't for xbox yet.

marioPSUC3287d ago

Wallace and Gromit are awesome.

SoSLy3287d ago

to have 500,000 gamerscore you pretty much have to play every game in existence and get every achievement you can.

pr0digyZA3286d ago

If that's true then he could have OCD. Got to get that last achievement.... damn want one more no more achievements.

spooky2053286d ago

you would have to play some lame ass games too. There is no possible way all the games could have been good. This person is more of a OCD case than a true gamer. Gamers play games for entertainment value. Sometime achievements help prolong the entertainment value. But when you play games that just suck in hopes of inflating your epeen score......well thats something gamers just dont do.

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