Former PS3 CEO wanted by vice cops

Andre Graham, former Sony PlayStation CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in 35 countries has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week as his jointly owned Pipeworks Sauna in Glasgow was raided by vice police in an initiative against sex saunas and massage parlours.

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AndrewRyan3289d ago

CEO's commit fraud! Who knew!

lociefer3289d ago

wow , this has alot to do with gaming

HDgamer3288d ago

Lol, Enron was never caught

kaveti66163288d ago

yes they were. jeff skilling will be serving a 24 year sentence and has been fined 45 million dollars. kenneth lay is dead. andrew fastow is serving.

hoops3289d ago

Hey he has to do something after he left Sony

ZombieAssassin3289d ago

I guess when your rich you gotta do something with all that money.

Fatal Blow3289d ago

This has nothing to do with games

this is not a news site its a games news site for crying out loud

i can go on about former this or that but his not in the games business now is he

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The story is too old to be commented.