Headlines in Horror: A Fatal Frame Remake, The Darkness 2, & More

Dead Pixels continues their roundup of the biggest horror headlines including a possible Fatal Frame 2 remake, news on a sequel to The Darkness, the possibility of another Deadly Premonition, and much more.

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RayRay363290d ago

I picked up The Darkness day one. Probably the most underrated game this gen. Im gunna have to pick it up again soon...

BabyColada3290d ago

Completely agree, that game is amazing. I sold it after I beat it the first time then bought it again cheap a few months ago so I could return to it. It's still just as good as I remember.

hennessey863290d ago

the darkness was a great game and id love to see a sequel. For its time it had stunning visuals aswell as a great story and one of the reasons i bought a 360

lastdual3290d ago

I'd love another Darkness, but no Starbreeze Studios leaves me feeling very skeptical about the sequel...

hennessey863289d ago

what happened to starbreeze, didnt know they wernt around anymore

Hazmat133290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

i loved the darkness great story awesome graphics soild gameplay truly a great gamei loved all the power!!! stabbing a dude hanging him in mid air while a duel weld 2 colts against cop and thugs omg epic i would say make a movie but knowing hollywood they would turn a awesome game into a shitty movie.

mikhail_tisoy3290d ago

darkness was an awsome game totaly underrated i just hope they dont fck it up

SexyPrawns3290d ago

Have you ever met someone so beautiful, you couldn't bare to show them your own darkness?

xTrueLegendx3290d ago

i agree darkness was i very fun game it was very underrated

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The story is too old to be commented.