Fangoria Interview: "DEAD RISING 2"'s Rob Barrett

Fangoria: 2006’s DEAD RISING paired players with surprising hero Frank West as he fought for 3 days of survival in a zombie-infested mall, using anything and everything as weaponry. DEAD RISING 2 (available now on XBOX 360, PS3 and Windows PC) introduces the gaming world to Chuck Greene - extreme sports star, devoted father, and wizard of all things duct-tape – as he embarks on a 72-hour quest in Las Vegas inspired Fortune City to save his daughter from zombie-transformation…and bash, smash, slice and dice every lumbering mindless meatbag in his path. We sat down with Rob Barrett, President of Blue Castle Games (Capcom’s western partner in developing DEAD RISING 2) for a behind-the-scenes look at why a zombie-pocalypse seems like so much fun.

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