NXT Gamer: Interview with Tim Willits, Creative Director for RAGE

NXT Gamer's Dave interviews RAGE's creative director, Tim Willits, to grab more information on the status of RAGE!

"The NXT Gamer staff were all in attendance at the 2010 Eurogamer Expo, and while there we managed to get an interview with Tim Willits, former co-owner of id Software, and creative director on their new release RAGE."

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Relientk773289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I can't wait for Rage

It looks really sick, I was hoping for it this holiday season :-/ I guess we have to wait til 2011

NastyLeftHook13289d ago

buying it on my ps3 when it comes out, it seems good.

Apotheosize3289d ago

an Elder Scrolls title running on id Tech 5, that is my dream

Fishy Fingers3289d ago

Sadly, id already said they wont licence Tech 5 to anyone else.

lolzers3289d ago

That would be awesome. Still waiting for the announcement for the game to come out at all, but it's bound to be another graphical showcase.

Apotheosize3289d ago

id Software is under Bethesda though, so they could do it..

lolzers3289d ago

Maybe the best looking game of next year.

lolzers3289d ago

It's probably between the two. Looking forward to both regardless.

kaveti66163289d ago Show
kaos_fish II3289d ago

With all the publicity given to 'Rage' lately, you could mistakenly think it was coming out this year and not Sept 2011..

Seriously, why hype it up if it's not coming out for another year.. wait for E3 2011.

lolzers3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Maybe to get it into the public eye and therefore give people anticipation?

Can you think of any other games that have been announced years before that still haven't been released? There's quite a few.


That's one contender lol.