New GT5 Trailer, Screens, & Info From Taiwan Press Event

GTPlanet: "Sony hosted a Gran Turismo 5 press event in Taiwan (presumably scheduled before the delay) where a few more new details and screenshots were revealed."

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SasanovaS19873291d ago

so thats what real life looks like...

lolzers3291d ago

When you finally step outside your house you'll see it. It has stars in the sky and females.

Pedantic913291d ago

Could care less of the delay, this game is worth the wait.

Keith Olbermann3291d ago

People like you is why they chance delaying the game. I just watched this video and wept a little. Its like a golden carrot hanging in front of my face. uugh.

Keith Olbermann3291d ago

"People like you "is" why.....sorry "are" why! I hate when I do that.

NatureOfLogic3291d ago

well you could've said "People like you "is the reason" they chance delaying the game.

live2play3291d ago

i love watching the replays

HeroXIV3291d ago

That F430 looks freaking real at 1:15

LordStig3291d ago

That's an episode of TopGear. /S

C L O U D3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Straight cut gears sound overly sexy

For the people that do not know:

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The story is too old to be commented.