CVG: Modern Warfare 2 - still a 10/10 game?

OXM UK has issued a stern defence of its score for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - maintaining it is still a 10/10 title.
The site's Ryan King - who gave the game a top score in his review last year - argues that respect for Modern Warfare 2 has 'lost out to mob mentality'.

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come_at_me_bro3290d ago

Video game journalism is such a joke.

MrAwesome3290d ago

10/10 or not I still like the game alot.

despair3289d ago

Its not a bad game, its just that they could have done so much more but didn't, they were satified to give people the same thing they did 2 years prior with a slightly better look and very few changes to the MP.

I just hate it when people keep justifying these half improved games by saying that they're "fun" or "better than the rest" like that's something to look forward to,celebrating a game marginally better than the last one but cost just as much.

gamingdroid3289d ago

You mean like how great MoH is?

Seriously, there hasn't really been any other game that can detrhone Call of Duty as the definite shooter apart from maybe Halo: Reach.

People might complain about CoD (which I believe is a loud minority), but nobody has shown me a better game. Complaining about CoD is like complaining about the industry!

jammy_703289d ago

It never was a 10/10 game, great multi but to many flaws...

Chuk_Chuk3289d ago

It never was a 10/10 to begin with.

chilled2m3289d ago

@ Gaming Droid

I believe the issue with the game that most have a problem with is the fact that IW attempted the "shotgun" approach when it comes to trying to add content to Call of Duty. Rather than concentrating on a few good improvements to the Multiplayer, we got CRAZY kill streak rewards, using sleight of hand on sniper rifles, one man army m203, and various glitches that made the multiplayer disappointing.

Having said that, I've got to admit that I still play the game. It's a fun distraction that I'll turn to once I'm sick of playing Reach or Bad company 2. The game itself was good looking, tightly controlled and had pretty good maps. It's the select group of douches exploiting every aspect they could find that ruined the game.

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farhsa20083290d ago

no chance its worth a 10/10, glad i didnt buy that crap.

karl3289d ago

me 2.. its fun game but its everything thats wrong with game developers now days...

i give it .. a 6/10

MysticStrummer3289d ago

I don't know about farhsa2008, but I played MW2 at a friend's place and quickly identified it as a $60 expansion pack.

IaMs123289d ago

Was going to say i didnt buy it either but i still beat it. I borrowed from a friend.

PS. I didnt hit disagree

Ares84PS33289d ago

I didn't mean anything by it though just wanted to know what was the opinion based on.

Just to clear things up I don't like MW2. I think it's a pice of crap. it could have been great because it had the potential but it is pretty bad especially online because of all the cheaters.

visualb3289d ago

I borrowed it

imo, its sh!t. broken, boring, mindless, bah...everything I don't like in a videogame

karl3289d ago

thats the problem with call of duty

since the second one.. each of these games has gotten no support from their devs...

yeah sure.. the game is fun but once its out.. as long as its playable the rest of the problems will find no solution, ever...

updates and patchs for bugs and exploit where nowhere to be find... activision doesnt care about us...

if u bought the game its to late to complain ..they already have what they wanted from u...

thats why i will support MOH this time.. if after release they support their game .. then i find my new FPS of choice..

and support doesnt mean more maps weapons and achievements as some think

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dillydadally3289d ago

A 10/10 is a game with no problems or that the small problems are so overwhelmed by the positives that they are hardly noticed and would be needless nitpicking. That is not this game. I played days worth of MW2, but to call it a 10/10 is to ignore the fact that at many times it was completely broken and is still chock full of problems. I will agree that it is a good game, but it has too many impossible to ignore, horrible issues to call it anything close to a perfect game. Not to mention I don't know anyone who thought the single player was close to perfect - the story was horrible.

This guy is relating hours played to score, which is not what professional journalism should do. That's only one measure of the game's worth, and in this case, not entirely accurate. With that mentality, World of Warcraft would be considered the greatest game ever created, and only the addicts would claim that.

Supman3290d ago

if reach is 10/10 this is 785/10

Kingdom Come3289d ago

Once you've played Halo Reach.

Supman3289d ago

Actually I have played reach,
its online is fun
and its split-screen owns all!

Lazy_Gamer3290d ago

MW2 wasn't and will never be a 10/10 game.

Kingdom Come3289d ago

Still obtain 10's for being the same game year after year since Call of Duty 4?
This was never a 10/10...

rdgneoz33289d ago

About as long as people keep paying $15 for a map pack.

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