The Official Resistance Series Timeline

Even the most hardcore Resistance fanboy will learn something from this series history straight from Insomniac Games.

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versusALL3295d ago

I hope that British Girl from the first one returns in Resistance 3, she was one of my favorite characters

Paradise3295d ago

Her name's Parker. She was in Resistance: Retribution as well.

FACTUAL evidence3295d ago

Well all I care about at the moment is the gameplay/graphics. I want it to be a superb as R2, and the graphics of killzone 2, AT LEAST. Otherwise, most anticipated game in 2011 for me.

gunnerforlife3294d ago

at Factual.

if its anything like resistance2 then i will be skipping this game! it felt like i wasted 40 pounds on it when i bought it.

i really do hope its more like R1 with Uncharted2 Graphics

tacosRcool3294d ago

The first game kicked ass, the second game kick some more ass, and the third one will be the one to kick the most ass.

pangitkqb3295d ago

Resistance has this amazing sense of history that gives great depth the human struggle for survival. I wish more games would go to such lengths to establish a continuum.

Well done, Insomniac. Well done.

HeavenlySnipes3294d ago

Capelli is an asshole. His whole life is spent attacking people while Hale tries to save mankind....

I can't wait to play him in Resistance 3!

Bass_fisherman3295d ago ShowReplies(2)
farhsa20083295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Is it just me or would this be a perfect movie to make?

TANUKI3295d ago

That was a very interesting and entertaining read. Thanks bloodmask!

R0l33295d ago

Enjoyed the read. I particularly enjoyed the part about Russian soldiers going AWOL and occupying the small villages in the Russian countryside.

Infact, that would make such a cool flashback styled event/mission in Resistance 3, like 'Aftermath' or the space station mission in MW1/2. Basing it on the early part of the timeline, where a Russian farmer wakes up to discover that his sheep and family have been slaughtered in his field; only to discover that his fate was to be similar after confronting early hybrids of the Chimera.

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The story is too old to be commented.