Top Five Final Fantasy FMV Cutscenes

Game Podunker TylerXDurden writes, "The Final Fantasy franchise has spawned over 25 games on more than 10 consoles. Since Final Fantasy debuted on the NES, it has captivated audiences with it's tales of spikey haired heroes traveling alongside unlikely groups of friends forced to band together to save the world. The games have evolved through numerous gameplay and graphical advancements over the last 23 years and almost everyone, including the people at Square-Enix, never could have imagined how successful the franchise would become..."

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Heart1lly3291d ago

Not what I would have picked, but thanks for reminding me there are other cool cut scenes in the Final Fantasy series!

Noct3290d ago

Say what you will about FFXIII but the chapter 12 opening cutscene was stunning.

All my friends who don't care about FF were so amazed lol

FarEastOrient3290d ago

That was where all the money went, to the race scene... I kid, I kid; Final Fantasy has so many amazing cut scenes and a movie that was basically a very long cut scene was even better with the "complete" version.

limewax3290d ago

No mention of any FF8 scenes at all? FAIL

the chosen cutscenes were good but most definately were not the top 5, The mention of the FF13 scene....really bad choice, the final scene of 13 was actually much more stunning, or the scene at the end of the second chapter. But still you missed out many much better scenes there

Gue13290d ago

FFVIII has arguably the best intro of any FF game. And then there the CGI from the spider on Squall's first mission, the battle between the academy's, the CGI when Squall goes to kill Edea because Irvine was too scared to make the shot, etc. FFVIII basically has the most epic CGIs...

Cheeseknight283290d ago

Agreed on FFVIII's intro. A lot of these are really good but, with the exception of Assault of the White Dragons and possibly the Crisis Core scene, they lack one key aspect: music. FFVIII's intro has some of the best music and CG work (In my opinion it is *the best* but I digress) in the series.

FarEastOrient3290d ago

FFVIII had one of the best openings in the series plus the cliff hanger at the end of disc 1. I don't think I've ever changed a disc so fast!

ilikestuff3290d ago

no ff7 murder scene? did i miss it? this guy is a butthead, whats more awesome then killing off one of the weakest people in the group?

Eamon3290d ago

in my opinion, the best fmv (or at least my fav) is the one where Sephiroth goes insane, burns Nibelheim and walks off calmly across the flames.

AngryFork3290d ago

The one they picked for FF13 is amazing. I also love the sequence when they're flying in the ship and the things in the sky are flying around, the music and direction in both scenes is just incredible. Not to mention how glorious it looks in 1080p.

limewax3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I agree it is an amazing cutscene, Just personally felt there were actually better cutscenes within the game. The music and artistic direction was actually what salvaged this game for me, I actually want a sequal, with a different approach though, but purely because the world it was set in and the soundtracks were jaw dropping. I would love to see ALL of gran pulse as it were in 13, Versus looks good but the 13 world was better

darthdevidem013290d ago

They are thinking about making a XIII-2 which will just be set on gran pulse so we get full exploration in that manner.

darthdevidem013290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

The one they picked for FF13 is amazing

but come on Chapter 11 opening.....when you see pulse for the first time while flying on bahamut is the most epic one.

Or the one where they go into cocoon in that pod race.

RankFTW3290d ago

The pod race scene was the best imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.