AC:Brotherhood beta to end Monday October 18th.

The PS3 exclusive MP beta for upcoming Ubisoft title Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is due to end on Monday the 18th of October, according to Ubisoft Montreal's PR manager, Christophe Grandjean (via twitter)

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Wildarmsjecht3289d ago

I should probably play this then. I have it installed on my xmb, but i haven't touched it yet.

GodsHand3289d ago

Same here. I guess I will give it a go this weekend.

EscoBlades3289d ago

Its good fun, something different to the standard multiplayer out there.

Cheeseknight283289d ago

This is only available via pre-order right?

It's a pity then. I want the harlequinn outfit and this, but I won my copy of brotherhood via contest and have no need to waste money on a pre-order.

EscoBlades3289d ago

The beta was available via selected retailer pre-orders and to PSN+ subscribers.

There look to be 15 total multiplayer characters, some available via pre-orders and some (i suspect) will either be released in future DLC or via UPlay.

HeroXIV3288d ago

Same. First truly innovative MP game in a LONG time.

Supman3289d ago


EscoBlades3289d ago

My thoughts exactly! I've been enjoying this. Though not long to wait till the full game is released.

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The story is too old to be commented.