Joystiq: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review - Warm and Fuzzy

Kirby's Epic Yarn makes a convincing case for the idea that you don't have to be challenged every single time you play a video game. Occasionally, it's enough to be happy.

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darkcharizard3288d ago

Good Score!! I'm pre-ordering this now!

eagle213288d ago

The Kirbster is on a roll. :)

live2play3288d ago

finally a kirby game that doesnt SUCK!
pun intended? you decide

Wii360BeatsPS33288d ago

Look at all the cute kiddy avatars.

darkcharizard3288d ago

Look at your crappy fanboy username!

live2play3288d ago

look at you the cutey hardcorz gamerz ^^

Optical_Matrix3288d ago

Day one for sure. Getting my folks to bring my Wii up to my uni tomorrow so I'll be prepared for this bad boy.

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