GameInformer: Rock Band 3 Review

In many ways, Rock Band 3 is a culmination of Harmonix’s efforts to bring music to the masses. But it’s also a new chapter in the franchise that starts the gradual merging of real and game-based music. Plenty of naysayers have already declared music games dead. Harmonix certainly hasn’t gotten the message; this band is primed for a new tour.

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Myst3289d ago

Pretty high score and interesting review. Harmonix certainly went all out with this one judging from A. The words written in the review and B. The score. Nice to finally have that drop in and out support as well. Now to just time travel to the 25th...

blusoops3289d ago

Even if I have to buy things separate. Im a ps3 gamer.

iistuii3289d ago

Just hope all my hundreds of DLC work with it.

Redempteur3289d ago

pre ordered ..and ready .will get the keyboard as soon as we know who is selling it and when

FwanK3289d ago

The full kit is gonna bleed my wallet badly... badly... very badly...

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