Turn 10 gives some answers but not much!

"Here is a quick summary of the important stuff:

* FM3UC is the new SKU for this Holiday Season as well as the final SKU of FM3
* Stig's Car Pack exclusive to FM3UC owners, for now
* How long the exclusivity will stay is unknown at the moment, a few months at least
* They are looking into ways to offer the content to the non FM3UC owners, like giving out redeem codes, etc...
* Top Gear partnership is a multiyear deal, more of it coming in the future(TG Track in the Next Big Thing? )
* T10 is currently deep into production of the Next Big Thing(NBT)
* Production ressources on DLC have been scaled down in the summer to shift focus to NBT
* The 10 new cars in the FM3UC(3 Stig's Car Pack + 7 new models) count as 1 new DLC Pack
* Another DLC Pack is in the pipeline to be released in the near future
* FM3UC is not the end of all things Forza 3"

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