7.0 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

If you search for Naruto games on the internet, you are bound to come back with a huge list of results. Due to the popularity of the anime, Naruto has made his way onto just about every console or computing device imaginable. These games vary in style and execution, and have been developed by a selection of diverse development teams. The Ultimate Ninja series is more fight-centric and has always been a Sony stalwart – first on the PS2, now on the PlayStation 3. Ubisoft created their own series of games for the Xbox market, which focused more on adventuring, and the two consoles could boast their own take on the franchise. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 breaks that trend and for the first time, it is being released across both platforms. Does it have enough to knock Ubisoft and their effort down a peg or two? Read on for the full review.

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AKissFromDaddy3294d ago

I enjoyed this review. Naruto is a 7 for newbies or non-fans of the series and a 10 for fans. Great review.

PS. Its a 10 for me :-)

GoldPS33293d ago

Yep people that know Naruto will enjoy the game. People who don't will say it sucks.

rdgneoz33293d ago

"There aren’t many variables on display here and options such as customizable fighting cards – which display to your opponent – add little depth to this section, so it is quite unlikely you will be coming back to online play over and over"

Huh? What fighting games have a lot of variables on display for online? Seeing as its fast paced and ones who've gotten the game have commented that the online is smooth, I'd rather focus on the fight at hand.

p.s. "Coupled with the fact that Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 assumes that the player knows the world of Naruto pretty well already, this can only lead me to believe that CyberConnect2 were trying to make a game for fans of the source material" - No sh!t.

Myst3293d ago

Cyberconnect2 always went for the fans :P especially since they followed the manga in the PS2 iterations while the Gamecube went for Anime. *Shrugs* Anyway I don't see why they would add the P.S. part, the game was most certainly meant for fans as anyone could tell.

Redempteur3293d ago

it's 4 hours in and this game is nearly perfect the story is tell in a way to feel it .. especially with the secret scenes mixed in ...

Awsome ..i feel like i'll platinium this game ...

Mr2Good33293d ago

i cant wait for tuesday to get here..i liked just hyped about the new characters,moves, and online play.

3292d ago