7.5 - Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor was the go-to game of World War 2 combat for a long time, but has shifted out of the limelight in more recent years as the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises take center stage. With Danger Close’s return to the series, Medal of Honor makes a valid attempt to enter the realm of modern combat, but how does it hope to compete against titans like Bad Company and Modern Warfare?

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RayRay363290d ago

I think taking the "Taliban" out of the game just shows EA is defnitly a woman in the gaming industy. As to where Activison is a porn star. Cuz they're always fuc*ing us.

AKA3290d ago

then CODmw2 on par to CODmw1
this reviews are hating but is a great game

lolzers3290d ago Show
AKA3290d ago

yes i have, its a short but well done cool and fun campaign.

the Multiplayer is like COD4 but much better, it actually fells like you are in a battlefield, really good.

the reviews are just hating.
its not over hyped with fake perfect 10s reviews with im sure CODBO will get but not deserve.

duplissi3290d ago

i agree, at least about the single player portion. i have yet to fully dive into the online bit.

dont believe me? check my trophies... i have my psn id in my profile here on n4g.

tacosRcool3290d ago

I have to agree. Since its the old kid on the block its easier to hate and give so much praise for the new kid. When Dice made the multiplayer that = win

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fossilfern3290d ago

lolzers are you a total tit ? anyway I dunno about the console versions but its really good on PC its defiantly better than MW2

turgore3290d ago

we really need to stop approving reviews from these anonymous sites.

limewax3290d ago

this silly stuff about the taliban has gone way overboard, back when MW2 released I had just lost my best friend that very war, yet did I moan about the terrorist thing? no. However it was a damn load more offensive than naming the taliban the taliban. This game would be doing 10x better if the world didnt bash it for being 'offensive' and saying go kill peope in nam on CoD......2 words...Agent Orange.

Its as if Activision paid the military to boycott this game, otherwise why the hell would they suggest to their troops to go buy MWBO instead? Surely it still pushes that same morale at the end of the day...Current war or not, people are lost in every war, and people who lost people in nam are still here to be offended too

Ju3290d ago

One difference to all those games - but not to MoH: It portraits an actual war. Not some fiction. Activision doesn't touch hot topics; just things they can sell to American Heroism.

duplissi3290d ago

yeah MOH portrays and actual war, but it does it with the utmost respect and reverence to the soldiers who were there or who died.

tacosRcool3290d ago

AAFES sucks anyways.

Its ok for terrorists to kill civilians (remember that one level in MW2 guys?) but not to kill Americans? Its only the multiplayer part of the game anyways. I think we should boycott every game that features people killing Americans since they are considered "evil and immoral" by the glorious, fair, trustworthy, non lying, not angry mom controlled, and patriotic media that leads this country!

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