Kotaku: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

Don't expect a drawn-out or challenging affair from Kirby's Epic Yarn. This is a game designed for constant smiling, a side-scroller that will soothe the stressed. As impressive as video game graphics often are, it often falls to creators in other media, say the folks at Pixar, to show how enchanting creative visuals can be. Kirby's Epic Yarn gets it right in video games. When even the unfurling of the map for the game's second world is so clever and lovely to watch that you tell people about it, you've got a game well worth looking at. And it is worth playing. Don't be afraid to smile at this one.

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Keith Olbermann3289d ago

getting this for the kids. :) I might sneak in a little play time too.

live2play3289d ago

it will sadden me if i see a score below 9...
(looking at you gt)