GamePro: Wii Party

GamePro: Nintendo's newest party game has received mixed reviews from critics, which led us to wonder how casual gamers are reacting to Wii Party. Do they have the same misgivings as those of us in the press, or are they simply happy to have another reason to gather in the living room?

EDITOR'S NOTE: We just want to be clear about what this article is and isn't. First, it isn't a review, not in the traditional sense. We simply wanted to see how Wii Party would stand up when viewed through the eyes of its intended audience -- the casual gamer who has helped Nintendo sell nearly 80 million consoles worldwide. We asked a typical Nintendo Wii family to play Wii Party and share their thoughts with us. Their impressions of the game are below. We've intentionally changed their names to protect them from any potential Internet grief.

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