Game Informer: Kirby's Epic Yarn review

GI: The debate over whether or not Nintendo has abandoned its hardcore fans in favor of the new casual market has been raging for years, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the latest first-party release sure to stoke the fire of that undying argument. This isn’t the textbook example of an overly cute, just-for-kids game that it might look like, though. Kirby’s latest adventure is a perfect reminder of what a Nintendo game is at its best: something anyone can appreciate that leaves plenty of room for skill and mastery.

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darkcharizard3292d ago

Can't wait to get this!!!!

MachinaMaw3292d ago

I would get a Wii just for this game. The whole game design is simply stunning.

Akagi3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

No offence, but you're a male, over 13, and want to play this, you're pretty weird.

live2play3292d ago

but if you're a 'gamer' and DONT want to play this, youre weird

meganick3292d ago

If you don't think this is your type of game, how about you just skip it without insulting other people who may be interested in it.

TheBand1t3292d ago

I don't really see what age has to do with anything. If the game is fun, why not?

Dsnyder3292d ago

Bandit speaks the TRUTH.

Stealth20k3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

TC I think your weird

MisterNiwa3292d ago

No offense but you guys are all weird.

Michael-Jackson3292d ago

In other words, you would be too embarrassed to play it in front of other people.

lolzers3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

If you're called 'Akagi' on a gaming site, you're a cock.

If you're called 'Michael-Jackson' you're a cock as well. You don't molest as much (maybe) but you're a cock.

limewax3292d ago

Ironic that Im 22 and buying this game, However you are the one that needs to grow up.....Not that I expect you to contemplate this sense of humor

eagle213292d ago

No, you're just insecure. :)

See a therapist buddy.. :)

Solidus187-SCMilk3292d ago

but I dont have a wii. I want to play this because kirby's dream land was one of my first gameboy/videogames ever.

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live2play3292d ago

me and my girlfriend want to play this
and we will, day 1!

The_Devil_Hunter3292d ago

Now that what I'm talking about...

meganick3292d ago

Wow, great score. Even the second opinion was a 9.5. I was going to pass on this entirely, but I guess now I'll at least rent it.

DeathGazer3292d ago

But then I read you can't die in this.

Lame. It's a damn platformer.

SexyPrawns3292d ago

You're being serious right now?

Can we ban this clown, mods?

Stealth20k3292d ago

you cant really die in any platformer since you can save and go through the level over and over

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The story is too old to be commented.