GTA IV movie is here... sort of

There are home-made fan videos, and then there is this. Multi-talented CVG reader Ezequiel sent the below video into us last night based on the GTA IV engine - and it's something very special indeed.

A gritty New York crime drama set in New York, all of Rockstar's trademark cartoonish elements have gone.

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RayRay363295d ago

I watched close to this whole thing, all I have to say is.... IS THIS GOING ANYWHERE?!?! If it wasnt for my bowl of Special K I would have clicked off in te frst 5 mins. Everything in it was superb, but the story was just stupid.

He looks like that one cop from Heavy Rain, btw. Just thought I'd share that.

dangert123293d ago

what a dry movie thing lol

ColossusReaver3293d ago

pretty awesome, the directing is pretty top notch, and the writing seems good but nothing's really happened yet. It seems sort of like a mix of Vanilla Sky, Inception, and maybe Indigo Prophecy.....I dunno. Either way, it's awesome and I want to see more

3293d ago