The 5 best Xbox exclusives of all time

CVG: We've stuck five games that we think knock the spots off of the above that Microsoft and the Xbox brand can call entirely their own.

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dangert123289d ago

Halo CE
Forza 3
Ninja gaiden
Alan Wake
Shadow complex

AKissFromDaddy3289d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is on the PS3 so being that Sigma is a updated version to Ninja Gaiden Black, you do not have to count that as an exclusive, unless you want to.

dangert123289d ago

the fact its different means its still exclusive

darkcharizard3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

#2 Halo 3
#3 Forza 3

OpenGL3289d ago

That's not really fair because you could then point out that a game like Ocarina of Time was later ported to other Nintendo systems. Does it not count as a great Nintendo 64 exclusive then?

ShinMaster3289d ago

Halo 3 at #2??
At least put Gears up there, haha :D

ExplosionSauce3289d ago

They put Crackdown up there? And Halo 3 instead of Reach?

ImpartialMan3289d ago

Mass Effect series is now on PS3.

Fable 2 got 80s average score.

CrackDown was mid 80s but CrackDown2 was a fail.

Only games worth mentioning is maybe Halo 3 and Gears 2

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GamerSciz3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Now while the list you gave is fine you have to remember exclusive means that it's only available on one console. So for something to be Xbox exclusive means it's not also available on the PC. That is not very many games actually. For MS though it's a win win since they make money for selling it on both platforms.

MrMccormo3289d ago

Mass Effect is an exclusive? I played that on PC.

IaMs123289d ago

Also on PC even if it wasnt on the PS3 so FAILED troll GTFO

Garrus_Vakarian3289d ago

IaMs12's got a point. I never considered Mass Effect, 1 or 2, an Xbox exclusive.

BattleAxe3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

1.Halo CE
2.Halo 2
3.Halo 3
4.Halo ODST
5.Halo Reach

Whoa........that's deep....

Edit: oh darn, that's right, Halo CE and Halo 2 were multiplat on list equals fail :D

hennessey863289d ago

Forza 3
halo reach
alan wake
splinter cell

likedamaster3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Absolutely appalled at no mention of Gears of War 1 in some of your lists, or Mass Effect for that matter.

Edit: In no certain order...

Games I've enjoyed on the Xbox:

Halo series
Gears series
Splinter Cell series
Mass Effect series
Ghost Recon series

Keep in mind, I have enjoyed other games like Forza, Alan Wake, & Shadow Complex, etc. too just wanted to list my top 5 favorite game series.

tacosRcool3288d ago

I do believe that Mass Effect is not a 360 exclusive since its on the PC

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LostDjinn3289d ago

From the article:
"Ok, we admit that a few of these hit the PC as well. Think of this as a list of games that PlayStation faithful can't get their hands on - then everyone's a winner"

So an "exclusive" for 360 is just a game on any platform except PS3?
I'm pretty sure that's not what the word means but hey, whatever gets you through the night.

number473289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

so they have to redefine definitions to consider 2 = 1.

CVG finally admits they are 360 fangirls with that comment as well.

hennessey863289d ago

its still a console exclusive

kraze073288d ago

I think some people need to look up the definitions for the words console and exclusive.

kraze073288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Disagreeing sure is a lot easier than looking up that definition I guess.

Taken from

games console: an electronic device used in playing computer games on the screen of a television to which it is connected

exclusive: noting that in which no others have a share

Guess that means if it's on the PC as well as one of the consoles it's not actually exclusive

Denethor_II3289d ago

yeah errr, this is why I prefer my PS3. He list ME1. Oh how he wishes he could list ME2 instead lol.

lolzers3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Err, what? What's it got to do with the ps3?

EDIT:Oh yeah, I forgot. The ps3 is getting ME2 a year later after all the 360 and pc gamers have played it to death. Egg on my face.

Denethor_II3289d ago

"Err, what? What's it got to do with the ps3?"

The quality of software is as clear as night and day, and not comparable to the PS3

"The ps3 is getting ME2 a year later after all the 360 and pc gamers have played it to death. Egg on my face."

Do you think 360 owners would be complaining if they could play Uncharted 2 a year later?

lolzers3289d ago

If they cared they'd get a ps3. And the quality is no different to any other games that get released on other systems. I've played better games on my pc than the games I've played on ps3.

There are games just as good on other systems. PS3 exclusives aren't the be all and end all of gaming.

As much as I loved UC2, it was a short-lived experience. After the SP it doesn't have much to offer to the SP person.

Roozium3289d ago

ME1 is way better than ME2. ME2 is a shooter, not an rpg.

MrMccormo3289d ago

Did you play ME2? ME2 was better in every way, including the RPG portion.

kraze073288d ago

Mass Effect >>>> Mass Effect 2

HellsJanitor3289d ago

Mass Effect is much better. They stripped out most of the RPG with ME2. Hopefully 3 brings it back for all to enjoy.

AKissFromDaddy3289d ago

its Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Gear of War 1,and Halo Reach

(That's a lot of Halo)

AssassinHD3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Halo CE, Halo 2, and Gears of War are all available on PC. Kind of hard to be the "best Xbox exclusives of all time" if they are not "Xbox exclusives".

Also, none of those games are listed in the article. Four out of the five games on the list are not available anywhere except Xbox hardware, making them "Xbox exclusives". Mass Effect technically should not be on their list.

Dnied3289d ago

Fable II and crackdown?

I would honestly take something like halo wars over crackdown lol

gears of war 1 > 2 imo

36T3289d ago

The first Crackdown was awesome! I spent so much time on that game. The 2nd Crackdown, not so much. lol!

Halo Wars is a completely different game. If you prefer an RTS over a shooter then naturally you would pick Halo Wars.

Dnied3289d ago

No i know what games they are and its not like that 1 spot was reserved for an action/adventure open world game haha no I honestly meant I'd take something like halo wars over crackdown because I didn't like crackdown (fair enough) and figured I'd pick another game that didnt go well with critics (even though I had fun with halo wars for a little while lol)

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