Kinect's Sitting Down Woe Finally Over

Concern over Kinect's ability to detect players sat down on sofas has been eradicated after Microsoft updated the software behind the tech, Eurogamer can reveal.

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TOO PAWNED3287d ago

Kinects will KILL in usa.

ImpartialMan3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I mean obviously you cannont use your feet according to the article. Meaning no Forza while sitting down.

The main problem is the lack of input when sitting down....
Kinect cannot track anything after your wrist... so your wrist rotation/finger movements are not tracked...

just imagine trying to do something with both of your wrists cut
and you cant use ur feet or body. or your head.

pixelsword3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

No Forza while sitting down?

You mean no playing a driving simulation game, which you would be sitting down whilst driving if you were actually driving?


Dnied3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Just like holding nothing while playing sports simulators, in which you would be holding equipment if you were actually playing the sport.

and Kinect is supposed to be CLOSER to virtual reality.. lol

Unfortunately, it probably WILL sell very well. I wouldn't be surprised.. I mean if you can convince millions that mw2 is a good game, I'm sure you can do the same with Kinect

Bigpappy3287d ago

There is nothing in the article which stated "Kinect cannot track anything after your wrist" (I know you meant waist). What ever you think is wrong with Kinect, can be fixed with SOFTWARE.

ImpartialMan3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

u have to stand up to play forza. the article just said it does not recognize your legs movement when u sit down.

Forza uses leg movements to accelerate and decelerate.


no i meant WRIST. this is a known fact by now.... and it CANT be fixed by software. and hardware has been finalized for couple months now.

and you cant use rest of your body legs waist feet ..... its in the article. the guy says it

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kagon013287d ago

Agreed, is where the consumers are the dumbest :)

lordkemp0073287d ago Show
Keith Olbermann3287d ago

but if this is true..why is eurogamer the ones reporting this and not MS? They state its too late to affect the titles on release so I'm wondering how they prove this fix works? "Future games will be able to since you sitting down"? That sounds alot like...we will have it fixed in the future. Is this news or just recycled info to help sales numbers?

deadreckoning6663287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"but if this is true..why is eurogamer the ones reporting this and not MS?"

Because, if they did, it would imply that there were problems with Kinect in the first place. I mean, there probably were tons of bugs initially..but its never good to reveal that publicly. Public relations bro.

Keith Olbermann3287d ago

means stepping up and addressing a problem instead of letting the media run wild with it. If this was fixed, there would be examples and proof. None that have been seen by anyone else yet. I'm not saying its not fixed I just want to see it.

Bigpappy3287d ago

It is under developement until it is released. Why does M$ have to announs what it is doing to develope their product? Who does that?

FordGTGuy3287d ago

Microsoft already came out and said this a while ago and everyone blew them off...

Its hard to get real truthful news with so many fanboys twisting the truth.

Zir03287d ago

Welcome to 2 months ago.

Stealth20k3287d ago

kinect will kill europe like move did.

But kinect wont kill or even matter in japan like the move will when it launches

as for america both move and kinect never sold out

gcolley3287d ago

you never know. they are suckers for new gadgets like me

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The story is too old to be commented.