Leading retailer GAME tells customers GT 5 is ready in December

Hoping for a mid-late November release of Gran Turismo 5? Well don't. Leading UK retailer GAME has been e-mailing customers telling them that the game is delayed until December.

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dangert123289d ago

exspected it to befair cant wait for it tho :(

MaximusPrime3289d ago

Look! News from maxconsole, a supporter of hacking/piracy news.
Is this your way of saying sorry for causing GT5 delay?

Get lost!

On topic: I got that same email too. I haven't cancelled preorder.

Lazy_Gamer3289d ago

Gamestop said its coming in 2011 and now this one says its in december. Well, who shall we believe now?

ngecenk3289d ago

apparently no one! not even sony! believe it when you see it on the retailers shelf :-s

*madFanboys on the rage1

SuperM3288d ago

Sony said it would release this year, so unless they delay it again december is a fair bet.

gamerzBEreal173289d ago

can this be why sony was so confident ps3 will outsell others this holiday?

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The story is too old to be commented.