Just Dance...Wii...Jersey Shore...Ungh...

Kotaku: It is 2010, and this is what the world has come to.

Didn't the short girl make the show famous for getting punched in the face? And now this?

It makes me wish I wrote for a blog covering wireless transistors and the telegraph.

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Claudinho693288d ago

bet everybody on n4g LOVEs the jersey shore

Jerk1203288d ago

I've quit watching TV for good because of this show.

fr3d03287d ago

Have not agreed more with a comment ever.

Sarcasm3287d ago

I don't know what the Jersey Shore is, and it seems like it's good that I don't.

chazjamie3287d ago

my dad and i watch it all the time. after that we pick on my mom and my little bro for being bitches. then we end our day with a few steriod shots, and a spray tan. then dad f'cks mom and tells me about it the next morning. then i tell him about the all the ass i am going to get when i go to school.

yeah, jersey shore. yeah.

DigitalAnalog3287d ago

Do I need to fist pump now?

-End statement

electricshadow3288d ago

I have watched 28 second of this show. It's just about douchebags getting drunk. I'm pretty sure by watching it, my I.Q. dropped a couple points as well. Worst "show" I have ever seen in my life.

AwakenTheTaco3287d ago

you also contracted eye herpes. yes from 28 seconds of exposure.

Anorexorcist3287d ago

Don't worry, it's a Jersey Thing!

MGOelite3287d ago

i hope you fucking die anore......

HolyOrangeCows3287d ago

It's called Ocular Herpes, from type 1.

PantherDST3288d ago

The sad part is that some people will buy it.

-Mezzo-3288d ago

God i hate this Show, i have never watched a single episode of this show except that one time with my Girl.

scar203288d ago

If you hate Jersey shore must watch this. http://www.southparkstudios...

Megaton3287d ago

Snooki want smoosh smoosh!

SoSLy3287d ago


lol classic

visualb3287d ago

I've seen all 14 seasons ep to ep, and this one is one of my fav!

I laughed so hard many times!

f*ckin Jersey Shore. Funny thing is, I met some guys from Jersey, and they HATE the show, said it made them look bad, cool people too

shame =/

Megaton3287d ago

I agree, it was one of their best, and I've been watching it since the very beginning. It's one of the only shows to ever make it this far without being stale. Most shows can't even go half as long without a significant drop in quality.

Guitardr853287d ago

Loved this episode...The icing on the cake was the Teen Wolf reference in the bathroom!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.