Playstation Move vs Microsoft Kinect: The Future of Motion Control

Wave your hands frantically in the air if you’re excited for motion controls on HD consoles! In an effort to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have decided to release their own version of immersive controls. For Sony, it’s the PlayStation Move: a decidedly Wii-esque controller and camera that tracks your movements one-to-one. Meanwhile on November 4th, Microsoft is set to unleash Kinect: a 3D camera that scans your body and follows your every move without the need for anything in your hands.

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MURKERR3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

im sure alot of gamers have their own idea of which one they think is going to be a flop and not used by then,when the hype clears itl be interesting to see the status of both kinect and move

darkcharizard3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Though since move is selling "well below expectations" even at launch, we might see Kinect emerge as the more successful of the two.

...someone HAD to start this - don't kill me :P

Chaostar3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

No actually, nobody HAD to start anything but you went ahead anyway, was the urge to troll really so powerful?

OT: I agree with Mukerr that it's far to early to have a face-off of any kind. I believe both will find a place in the market to settle and the 'winner' will be determined by many different parameters. Making for a heated discussion but ultimately it will come down to personal preference just like most things in gaming/life.

ImpartialMan3287d ago

still, i loled at the troll that.

its been selling "well above expectation"
i mean its selling out everywhere.

he cant even troll right. fail troll

Blaster_Master3287d ago

The psmove has sold over 2 million in two weeks. How is that below expectations?

NikoleSmash3287d ago

I still need to try Kinect to know for sure. Move didn't impress me.

Xander7563287d ago

Motion gaming just doesn't seem all that fun to me no matter what console/peripheral you are using.

Belasco3287d ago

Now if only 100 million other gamers would just agree with you.

STiRacer3287d ago

Unless you liked the Wii and all of the shovelware that followed it, I don't see any reason to be exited for any of the two(kinect/move).

N4Great3287d ago

Misinformed people don't know what they are loosing..

Even without all the "big" games like HR, mag, re5, killzone, etc, if you like sports games, or just sports, Move can do a lot for you : not a single tennis, table tennis game can compete with sports champion accuracy and immersion, it's a blast..others sports are too, volley not so much (4$ snookers is good, tumble also, ..)

just really try it, not like the trolls trying it 5 minutes in a shop, just for saying "meh, i don't like that wiimote/kinect clone, i can't win", if you don't like games or sports, and accuracy, it's possible you'll don't like move.

acky13286d ago

I don't understand how people can't find the odd game of Wii fun? The majority of games on it are shallow but lots of fun. Then you also get the few gems like mario n zelda.
All in all, good console...shame it was usurped by mothers for their fitness fix otherwise it wouldn't get as much stick.

I think motion gaming is fun and adds something exciting to gaming. I'm bored of the games in my library and the dualshock used to play them and think I need something like Move to spice things up. As long as you buy the right games that interest you there's a lot to get out of motion gaming.

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btk3287d ago

Then you are in for disappointment. It might be better to compare PS Eye to Kinect. Or Wiimote to Kinect. Move is just way out of Kinect's league.

STiRacer3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

That guy is like, "What Hell is This!!!. Are You Kidding Me???. Fuck This, I'm outta here!".

A Cupcake for Gabe3287d ago

Jeez, is this real? This makes me vomit in my mouth. Are the two people running the booth embarressed or ashamed. I can't tell.

jokia0053287d ago

kinect has already failed.

alb18993287d ago

i keep saying, why the hurry, just wait........thats what practical, intelligent people do........wait to have a clear opinion.

hoops3287d ago

Youu are talking about posters on at post above you to varify this

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