Ninja Theory: Enslaved Audio Fix For PS3 On The Way

Shortly after the release of Ninja Theory’s Enslaved, reports of audio issues began to surface over the game’s ability to provide 5.1 surround sound as advertised. The sound glitch was only isolated to PlayStation 3 owners. Thankfully, it looks like the problem will be resolved shortly.

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doctorstrange3289d ago

I haven't experienced any problems, but it would annoy me if I had

raztad3289d ago

No. Read the article.

It was reported the stock PS3 version has no support for Dolby 5.1 surround. That is beyond pathetic and shows how little care NT had for the PS3 sku.

It seems they will patch it.

Taggart4513289d ago

Never really encountered anything like this, so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. At least they acknowledged the problem and are actively fixing it. It just sucks that they are waiting for the DLC release though, rather than just putting it out.

MysticStrummer3289d ago

Too bad the game is so short and has such little replay value that those who would benefit from the patch are already done with the game for the most part. I liked Enslaved, but damn it had some issues. It should have been held back and polished up for a release closer to Christmas.

stuntman_mike3289d ago

now they just need to fix the texture pop-in, screen tearing and framerate issues. besides that its still an awesome game.

user94220773289d ago

I agree. Still a good game.