Assassins Creed Brotherhood News Blowout

Ubisoft has made certain important announcements with regards to Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Check them out.

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cyborg3295d ago

already pre-ordered the game

Pen153294d ago

The beta suuuuucks. The gameplay is gonna be where its at for this game. Story....not so much.

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Nate-Dog3294d ago

I'm pretty sure most people getting Brotherhood are getting it for the story. I'm not looking as much forward to it as I would be ACIII but obviously I'm getting it for the SP mainly.

TheGameFoxJTV3293d ago

the Beta is a shitload of fun. If you don't like it it's mostly due to you getting your ass handed to you in the MP.

DlocDaBudSmoka3293d ago

sat morning. he was handin out A$$ whoopins left and right. it was pretty awesome to watch.

3293d ago