Move sales around 1.5 million in Europe, 300K estimated for US so what's next

It seems that Sony settled on the right name for its PlayStation Move motion controller, as the company is definitely moving plenty of units in Europe. Speaking to Bloomberg, Sony Europe's Andrew House noted "very significant sales" for the Move, saying that it has sold "somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe." He added that sales have exceeded Sony's original hopes, and that the company will likely increase production of the peripheral.

Sales may not be as motivated in America, however. In a report released to the media, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter estimated that the motion controller sold around 300,000 units in its US debut, including Move console bundles; though it's important to note that SCEA has not released official sales figures. Despite the sluggish launch estimate, Pachter expects both the Move and Kinect to drive console sales in the US this holiday season.

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Hallmark Moment3289d ago ShowReplies(1)
TOO PAWNED3289d ago

i seriously doubt Sony planned to sell ONLY 300k in USA.

ImpartialMan3289d ago

from VGchart so not accurate. but still.

Pennywise3289d ago

These things aren't even on coke cans yet. Once it is, I am sure it will have an impact on sales.

There is still a lot of misconception in America that the PS3 is too expensive. I'm sure this doesn't help.

KillaManiac3289d ago

I figured more than that in US. My gamestop is constantly sold out.

Perhaps a quantity issue?

Megaton3289d ago

Well they certainly acted like they were only aiming for 300k in the US. I wasn't even sure it was out until a couple days after launch when I checked online. Zero advertising leading up to launch. Released like a fart in the wind.

ABizzel13289d ago

1 store selling out doesn't equate to anything. But I suspect it has sold closer to the 500k that was rumored by VGchartz.

VGchartz is never spot on, but their numbers are based on estimates and


they aren't exceedingly off no matter how much fanboys try to downplay them.

Not to mention the NPD guess is Patcher's guess who has rarely ever been right about anything.

Tinted Eyes3289d ago

Move is selling great, Son really owned the doubters

raztad3289d ago

"Sales may not be as motivated in America, however. In a report released to the media, Wedbush Morgan's MICHAEL PATCHER estimated that the motion controller sold around 300,000 units in its US debut, including Move console bundles"

I expect the sales to double, at least, what Patcher is guessing. Patcher has been wrong in almost every prediction.

3289d ago
ThanatosDMC3288d ago

Cant wait for Oct 19... my Move hasnt been used for quite a while now. I'm just waiting for Time Crisis and the other two games that comes with it.

Also, Vanquish and Fallout is coming out the same day...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3288d ago

A few days ago after NPD many of you said "we don't play sales" but here you are playing sales

HeavenlySnipes3288d ago

said they expected a slow start. Anyway the US is full of Xbox fanboys nyway whereas in EU people make thier own decisions rather than follow a crowd.

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deadreckoning6663289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

only 300,000k in the U.S.? Mm..I'm concerned for Sony at this point. They should have delayed launch until next year with Socom and Sorcery as launch Move games. The Move is missing that BIG launch game right now. I think the only reason they released Move this year was to get the jump on Kinect.

There is some good that can come out of this. This may light the fire under Sony's ass to include the navigation controller in the Move bundle. $30 for that thing is retarded, pure and simple. Releasing the Move with little advertising, no big launch game, and little advertising leading up to launch reminds me of Sony's arrogance in 2006.

Stealth20k3289d ago

1.5 mil in europe=not concerned

not launched in japan yet=not concerned

ravinash3289d ago

All that means is more moves will be selling later when these games come out.

bustamove3288d ago

Because we all know the U.S equals the world right?

It never ends does it?

Spider0503289d ago

EU loves new stuff but looks like US kids will keep playing Call of Duty and Halo only

iPad3289d ago

Overall, Sony sold 1.8m

ELite_Ghost3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

well u forgot the other continents, that's prob y ur getting disagrees...

lelo2play3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I'm surprised it sold that much in Europe. I'm very suspicious of those European numbers. What the hell are people playing in Europe with Move? There are no games worth mention for Move. Best games are coming next year... or maybe later.

Move is starting to remind me the Wii... people buy it, try it for a couple of days then keep it in the closet ... or resell it. A friend of mine bought it day one, and already has it in the closet. I would only think of getting a Move if there were a hell of lot games supporting it. I would not buy it for one or two games.

Well i guess it's congrats to Sony for selling so many Move's.

Stealth20k3289d ago

thats going to be kinect as well

there isnt anything of value on it

ravinash3289d ago

Plenty of games that will be coming out like Killzone 3 and socom, I'm sure a lot of people who got it will be holding onto it.

N4Great3288d ago

Only 2,3 weeks after launch : you can play sports champions (= 6 sports games + best tennis table/tennis, and archery games never made), tumble (a puzzle), MAG !, heavy rain (and patchs are free, thank you to be not greedy), re5, A good snooker, a mini golf, ..

not a single gamer, playing 24/24 hours a day can beat all that games, so stop pretending move is collecting dust : if you want to use it, you can.

jwatt3289d ago

I would say this is as plan, wasn't it Sony that said don't expect a big launch sales for move? Instead it will sell well over the next 6 months. 300,000 maybe low for America but to have a total of more than 1 million is impressive.

mugoldeneagle033288d ago

"Michael Pachter estimated that the motion controller sold around 300,000 units in its US debut"

1) Pachter
2) Estimated
3) What does debut mean? Week? Month?

I'm sure US sales are well above 300K

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Makidian3289d ago

There is no way those numbers are actually in his report because when Sony releases the official numbers and they are much higher than that he is going to look even worse than he generally does. It will be pretty bad when a VGC target has better numbers for the first two weeks of sales then what Pachter has predicted for the month. Wow.

SoapShoes3289d ago

Where are we getting these US numbers from? Sounds like BS to me and not credible. Patcher sounds like VGChartz... Hmmm, maybe that's where they get their info from?

Homicide3289d ago

300k isn't good at all. It isn't a good install base, so developers aren't going to develop for Move until it expands.

wazzim3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

It has a big one in Europe so that's great.
America will be where Kinect has to sell, Move is for Europe.

Silly gameAr3289d ago

Surprised to see a comment from you. (not really)

visualb3289d ago

1.5 million is great. It is a good install base, so developers are going to develop for Move for it to expand.

goes both ways

vhero3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Last time I looked the population in EU was bigger than US so create away! If you put disagree you are dumb as the pop is bigger.

skatezero2463288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

you do know that the 300,000 move sales are estimated right? So stop trolling and taking the info as fact

Seijoru3288d ago

Funny how you completely ignored the 1.5m on top of the 300k, you ignoramus.

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