Homefront Interview: PC Gamers Won’t Be Left Behind

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski sits down for an interview with THQ Creative Director Sean Dunn, to talk about their upcoming shooter, Homefront.

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doubled2153292d ago

Only thing on PC that is interesting is GFWL.

Letros3292d ago

I hope that was sarcasm, GFWL is trash, pretty sure this will use Steamworks, its becoming a trend with THQ.

On topic, good to hear about the PC development:

"The game is being developed entirely as a PC game. All the resolution support, all the bells and whistles, DirectX 11, dedicated servers, custom servers and everything you want from a PC standpoint. We aren’t trying to shove console sensibilities on top of PC gamers.”

cdland3292d ago

"Dedicated servers allow us to ensure that we have fast machines they are running on, that we have them on locations local to where you are and not playing a dude from Shanghai and he is kicking everyone’s ass because he’s the host."

I enjoyed Bioshock 2... the multi sucked as it was on a host computer and not a dedicated server. Ya when you where the host you kick ass... and there is around 20 PC players mostly in Europe... nothing but lag for me in North America. Sounds good... wait and see this time... lol. :D

Caspel3292d ago

I do enjoy Impulse, but Steam is where it is at.

despair3292d ago

insane game deals and great content, yea wasn't a fan at first but now 99% of my PC games come from Steam.

athmaus3292d ago

I have never really heard of this game....I do prefur Steam over Impluse,

plb3292d ago

Glad to hear they aren't slagging off the PC version

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The story is too old to be commented.