AppSpy: The Secret of Grisly Manor Review

AppSpy: "The Secret of Grisly Manor by Fire Maple Games is a puzzle adventure title of the style most people will easily compare to games like Myst. While the 'pure' Adventure genre saw a sharp decline some years ago, a recent revival in the form of bite-sized episodic challenges has helped to bring this classic genre to the foreground again.

We're not talking about hidden-object style games here either; no, this is all about taking abstract situations and puzzles and attempting to make the pieces fit together. Grisly Manor is quite linear in its approach and all but one or two puzzles are likely to give you trouble, but the simple touch-based exploration and puzzles slot together perfectly and in a matter of an hour or so you'll be done with this chapter.

The game's graphics are a hodge-podge of digitally altered photo-realistic images, though barring a few poorly edited sprites the world looks and feels coherent with an edge of spookiness to it all."

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