Medal of Honor - Quellcode hints first DLC´s

Remember Mafia II? The Quellcode of Medal of Honor hints also the first DLC´s for the Game including 2 new Game Modes and one new Map ...

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hennessey863285d ago

at activision but there are none worse than EA the games been out a day and there is already talk of dlc and some games like tiger woods and fifa have dlc avilible day one its pathetic. No wonder meda of honor scored so little, EA deserve it, ill be saving my cash for black ops

jaredhart3284d ago

Yeah, but EA doesn't have an A-hole like Kotick.

PhilipLarkin3284d ago

Can't wait for more of MoH

paranoid19713284d ago

Need to stop the spawn camping before they release any DLC

kevco333284d ago

Still in two mids abotu this one... don't think I'll bother now.

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