Wii Suffering 'Gamer Fatigue,' Nintendo 'Missed Opportunity to Revitalize its Base,' says Pachter

Since NPD no longer provides hardware sales data, we now have to rely on whatever the platform holders or analysts can give us. Following yesterday's dismal September sales report, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter noted that the Wii sold just 254,000 units during the month, which is down 45% year-over-year and makes the Nintendo platform the worst selling console in September.

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frankymv3293d ago

wii HD coming very soon.

darkcharizard3293d ago

I don't see that happening.

ExplosionSauce3293d ago

Well there are 75mil Wiis sold. Most people have bought one. So it's kinda hard to keep selling at the same rate.

I don't think there will be a new Wii "HD", not in at least 2 years.

DK and Epic Mickey are coming out soon and Kirby just got a 9/10.
These will keep me busy for a little while until something new comes along.
Or GT5 :P

Buff10443293d ago

The Wii wasn't meant to have a ten year life cycle.

felix883293d ago

Pachter is full of shit as usual, nothing to see.