Fallout: New Vegas strategy guide is bigger than War and Peace

PC Gamer: At more than half a million words long, the strategy guide for Fallout: New Vegas will be the biggest ever released, and will dwarf famously giant literary classics like War and Peace. It’s also roughly the same size as the script for one of designer Chris Avellone’s previous games, Planescape: Torment.

The hefty tome will list every enemy in the game, detailing where they can be found and what they carry, and give the player more information on the many factions that inhabit the new wasteland. The guide also painstakingly maps over two hundred locations in the world, and lists every item in the game. As a secondary use, you ever find yourself in a post apocalyptic wasteland, you’ll be able to strap it to your chest and it should double up as a useful piece of armour.

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Lazy_Gamer3294d ago

War never changes. You have to be ready for any situation in order to survive in the wasteland.

MrAwesome3294d ago

ill get it it and drop it on radroaches.....and molerats

FarEastOrient3293d ago

I ordered the standard guide, after reading this I plan to order the special one just so I can display it on a shelf. Kids no finger prints now!

mugoldeneagle033294d ago

I bought the guides for both Oblivion & Fallout 3 when I started playing, and I was thinking of going solo for New Vegas to make things interesting, but this isn't too convincing....In a good way :)


falloutx3294d ago

With a game this big a strategy guide is really useful, I have one for both Oblivion and Fallout 3.

PS360fanboy3294d ago

I have Fallout 3's and much of it is not that important...most of it actually...

CrzyFooL3294d ago

Strategy guides are for pussies!!!

Roper3163294d ago

I agree what feeling of accomplishment do you get when you are just following directions and being told what to do.

PITTBULL833294d ago

ive been dying to get my hands on this game but i think ill go for the hard cover copy

plb3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Hope the PS3 version isn't gimped and bug infested like FO3 but given the developers avoidance of that question numerous times on PS3 blog it may be =(

HOSe3294d ago

so stupid if it is! release it later if its fooked. gamespots preview a couple weeks back stated their were numerous bugs/graphical glitches seen in the build they were playing.

BabyTownFrolics3294d ago

but i cant buy it till tuesday

cant wait

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The story is too old to be commented.