3D TVs not selling

DisplaySearch: ‘Uptake among consumers has been limited by high prices and lack of content’.

Research from market analysts DisplaySearch has revealed that 3D TV has failed to live up to expectations, with only 3.2 million sales forecast for this year.

According to DisplaySearch, the market has not grown as predicted due to high prices and a lack of content. However, as prices fall and content becomes more widely available, the researcher predicts that as prices fall and the technology and content improves, shipments will grow to 90 million in 2014.

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NYC_Gamer3292d ago

its too expensive for the average joe right now

kenpachi3292d ago

i bought a Samsung 40 inch, two pair of shutter glasses and and a 3D blu ray player for 1450 euros

Look cheap to me

darkcharizard3292d ago

the UBER COOL glasses are the biggest selling point!

LOL, 3D without glasses is coming, and when it sets in everyone will have a 3D TV. Or screen if you're buying 3DS :P

trevonn953292d ago

who buys a regular 3d blueray player is just retarded nuff said

Eamon3292d ago

I think the fact you need glasses is the biggest thing holding the consumer back from getting a 3DTV. Well, apart from the price, that is.

ProjectVulcan3292d ago

Technology is not mature enough. Plus people have already only got used to the idea of the jump to HDTV, they have only just gotten nice and cheap.

I always felt it was too soon to bring in 3D until most channels on plain old regular tv broadcast in HD. Maybe in five years when most things you watch on TV will be in HD, and your HDTV is now looking a little aged and battered, will you consider a new set incorporating 3D.

Scary693292d ago

1450 in eros nice now using the current exchange rate to US dollars thats about 2,030.01 you sir got ripped off $2000 for a 40" thanks but no thanks.I rather wait until prices come down and then I can purchase a 52" 3D TV for that price.

GamerSciz3292d ago

3DTV without glasses is not coming anytime soon. If people are complaining about the price of 3DTV's with glasses then don't get them started on ones without them. 3DTV is like HDTV. Starts off slow but will become the norm in probably around 3-5 years. Now by that point I do expect 3DTV's to be without glasses and around the same price as your basic HDTV that's an LED-LCD right now.

*This is all my opinion and speculation. Only fact is that 3DTV's without glasses isn't going to be practical for awhile however even Sony is working on it.

jeseth3292d ago

The world was ready for an HD media format. Cable was coming out in HD and you could see the clear and obvious trend towards HDTV and HD Movies. Plus DVD had been out 10 years and was ready to be replaced/upgraded because of its limitations compared to Blu Ray (and HD-DVD which was phased out).

The problem with 3D is that a lot of people have either just bought a HDTV or have not even bought one yet! Many of us have been fortunate enough to have these things for a while now but the vast majority of the consumer population can't buy a $3,000 home theater setup every 2 or 3 years.

I think it will be really tough for 3D to succeed. The fact that it even bothers the eyes/brain (headaches) of some people is a concern. Between how soon it is releasing to Blu Ray and regular HDTV's I feel like 3D will go the way of Beta Max.

I applaud the innovation, just to soon IMO.

The Wood3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

mate just picked up a 63" 3d samsung for 2 bags 2 uk.

cheapest 63" on the market at the moment. Its an absolute beast of a screen in terms of its size. Im not totally convinced about samsungs quality though although i hear their led's are up there with the old kuro's. The led's retailing for just under 5 bags at the moment and the screen was thinner than my samsung huh

Hideo_Kojima3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

50" 3DTV + Monsters vs. Aliens 3D Starter Pack which comes with 2 free Pairs of Shutter Glasses (worth £129.99) + Blueray Player (worth £179.99)

All that for £999

Extra pairs of glasses cost £60.

I wouldn't say its cheap but for a 50" 1080P its not too expensive and its even 3D.

Edit: Also let me say this...
If you JUST bought a HDTV in the last 2 years than what makes you think that they expect you to buy a 3DTV right away?

You waited like 5 years before getting a HDTV this 3DTVs are aimed for those who bought HDTVs when they first came out.

nycredude3292d ago


Do you know how retard your comment is? This article says it isn't selling cause of price and content and yet you claim glassesless 3d will take off? How much do you think those will cost. If you think 3dtvs are too expensive now then be prepare to take out a loan for the glassesless ones. You bookmark this comment and you will see later.

You 3dtv glasses bashers need to think before you talk. Those tvs will cost easily 10,000 when they release and will be small.

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number473292d ago

its a luxury item.

Wonder how many ferrari's are being sold right now as well.

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RussDeBuss3292d ago

here to stay i think

everything said bad about it was said about hdtv and blu-ray to start with.

when price come down it will sell. soon every mid+ range hdtv will also be 3dtv.

people still dont get hd format films because of upscaling and to average jo sd looks ok, however more people will be seeing films in 3d in the cinema and when they realise their new hdtv they bought can also do 3d, will then hunt out the 3d version of the new film they are buying.

its still very early and we are not yet though the bad economic period

every one with a ps3 already has a 3d source, may make poeple want to upgrade tv to get full experience, gt5 3d(if it ever gets released) kz3d etc.

OSU_Gamer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"everything said bad about it was said about hdtv and blu-ray to start with"

I respectfully think your comparison is off. A new format was needed. SDTVs were becoming outdated. I'm not going to say 3D won't succeed because i dont know, but comparing it to the phasing out of SDTV for HDTV and is the wrong comparison.

Same with Blu-Ray. Once the HD ball started rolling, it was inevitable that a new HD disc format would have to succeed. The success of either Blu-Ray or HDDVD was a necessity. 3D is not in the same position.

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Joni-Ice3292d ago

Besides 1080p TVs just dropped in price awhile back and people went out and bought new TVs. I know about 5 people who got new TVs just before this 3D era came about. I was one. Now am I suppose to go drop more money just for 3D?

Ares84PS33292d ago

Not cheap in America......funny.

The funny thing is that 3DTV's cost as much right now as the same size HDTV's cost just a year ago.

No, they aren't expensive in America. The problem is that most people just upgraded to HDTV and now they are butthurt that 3D came out but they spent their cash already so they have to piss all over 3DTV's like it's shit.

Well it isn't shit. It's friggin amazing and I'm loving every second of it. I'm watching movies in 3D and playing games in 3D. It's a great experience that was only available in the cinema so far. Now I can have that at home too. Simply amazing and whoever is pissing on it is just ignorant or butthurt.

OSU_Gamer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Take your PS3 bias out of this for a second.

3D is great, and I don't see how anybody could say it isn't. It's the fact that, like you said, a lot of people already have a 2D HDTV but people like you are trying to force others into thinking that 3D is the second coming of Christ instead of a revived and upgraded 20 year old tech idea that isnt worth buying at the moment.


It is not cheap but it is a great experience. However 3D came out at the wrong time. People have already spent there money buying a new HDTV. They are not going to run out and buy another one just for 3D

Ares84PS33292d ago

Seriously??? PS3 bias??? :D where?? please do show me where I meantion PS3 there. 3D games?? that is what you are reffering to as PS3 bias?? Well hell, what is a 3DTV for??

Also people like me forcing it on others??? I'm not forcing..where did I say that every "MUST BUY 3DTV RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!!!" ??

You are just another butthurt guy who is just way to ignorant to 3D and it bothers you that others are actually enjoying it and saying good things about it.

20year old tech idea??? Well space travel is even older does that make it somehow bad?? or out of date?? or shit??? or what was your point when you said 3D is a 20year old idea??? Cars are over a 100year old you have one??

You speak a bunch of nonsence and I have a feeling that you have never seen this new 3D tech in action and just hating on it because you don't have the chips to put down to buy one. If someone would just gave you one for free you would be loving 3D right now.

So how about you and all the haters shut it?

OSU_Gamer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So you are on a website full of fanboys coincidentally confessing your diehard love for a product fully backed by Sony and not by MS, and calling anyone who doesn't do the same butthurt and ignorant. Interesting.

No one said you were making people buy a TV, but you are calling anyone who doesn't agree to your "you must love 3D" viewpoint as ignorant and butthurt.

If you read my post earlier, I said that 3D is awesome. So i'm not sure arguing that not everyone who doesn't love rebuying a tv plus glasses somehow makes them butthurt. You can somehow argue my assumption that you are a PS3 fanboy, but then call people butthurt for not agreeing with you. Last time I checked butthurt refers to a fanboy. So me and everyone who doesn't love the current 3D tech are now fanboys. Way to go hypocrite.

How does comparing 100 year old technology that has never failed the same as comparing a technology that has never succeeded. Your comparison is wrong.

Unfortunately for your uninformed ass, Best Buy has 3D demos setup in every store that i have used multiple times. To try and analyze my economic situation based on some opinions of early overpriced technology just makes you look like an idiot.

onanie3292d ago

The only one trying to turn this argument into a Sony vs Microsoft issue is you, osu. You are way out of line.

Your entire argument does actually read like a euphamism for being butthurt.

OSU_Gamer3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


Read Onanie's first post. Calling people butthurt and ignorant on a Sony vs MS fanboy N4G because they don't like the current 3D technology which is "coincidentally" backed fully by Sony doesn't have anything to do with console fanboyism?

Come on, don't be naive.

"Your entire argument does actually read like a euphamism for being butthurt."

Yeah I am a butthurt 360 fanboy who thinks The PS3 is the best console this gen, who owns a launch PS3, and already owns a Sony 2D HDTV.
That just screams butthurt.

Maybe you and Ares are butthurt because not everyone thinks that 3D technology is cheap, worth buying, and practical because you have to wear expensive glasses that will probably be phased out in the near future anyways. Ever think about that?

Ares84PS33291d ago

I just shake my head you know. The nonsence in your comment is....I just don't have the word. You do know that Samsung is also pushing 3D agressivly. Why would MS push 3D???? They don't make TV's. TV makers push 3D. You don't relize this. Sony happens to be a huge TV manufacturing company so what?? You are the one who is twisting my words and turning this whole thing into MS vs Sony. It isn't.

No I'm not saying that people who won't buy 3D are ignorant or butthurt. What I'm saying is people who BASH on 3D are ignorant or butthurt because 3D isn't a bad thing.

And yes, people who just got an HDTV are butthurt because they put down the chips for that HDTV and now they are not able to buy a 3DTV because they spent their money. So now they are bashing 3D out of anger possibly. But it just shows how ignorant they are.

it's like I buy a 2010 BMW and two months later they come out with the 2011 BMW that has additional functions that my BMW doesn't have so I start bashing it. See how stupid that sounds?? Well that is what most people are doing.

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OSU_Gamer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


Raoh3292d ago

hdtv's when they first came out, over 10 years ago were also not selling..

big_silky3292d ago

There's simply no reason to own one. Except for Sony shoehorning it into their games, nobody is doing jack shit with it. Until there's a bunch of 3D movies on the shelf and 3D tv stations there's zero reason to own one.

milohighclub3292d ago

they will be at least 20 movies out by the end of the year and from now on any movie made in 3d will be released in 3d, resident evil afterlife is coming soon that will be awesome,

to everyone saying its expensive i got a 40" samsung 3d for £800 with 2 free pairs of glasses. 'nuf said part from, black ops 3d....gt5....crysis2...killzon e 3...possibly uncharted 3 and infamous 2.

RussDeBuss3292d ago

resident evil film, saw 3d, jackass 3d. gonna be loadsa move 3d stuff coming.

my next tv gonna be 3d, gaurenteed :)

bustamove3292d ago

It's too expensive right now. The economy is really bad.

ngecenk3292d ago

agree.. pull down the price so it can penetrate the market! its ridiculous 3D TV double the price of ordinary tv while 3D monitor is only 10-20% higher.

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