137 New Heavenly Sword images

137 new, terrific screens from Gamespot.

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doshey4071d ago

now that is a lot of images

ParaDise_LosT4071d ago

Is it Smart to show this much screenshots of a 6hour game?
HAHAHAHAHAHAH you suck HAHAHAHA lol enjoy your
and look at her Face she looks like Nicole Riche hahaha
stupid annorexic slut hahahahahaha

See Billgates? isn't that annoying?
anyway I was j/k ^_^ I like the 6th screenshot the level of detail is

DaTrooF4071d ago

i agree the last screenshot is amazing=0

doshey4071d ago

i had almost believed u

Foliage4071d ago

Some retard in another article said this game isn't AAA. "AAA" has become a catch phrase that very few actually seem to know the definition of. More fanboys talking out their rear ends.

Attached Image: Kai is great!

Naruto4071d ago

the game is 12-15 hours

beans4071d ago

This is just one of those games you show to your chic and hope that by some chance she will finally try a game and like it!

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