Top 5 E3 Trailers

Nothing gets a gamer's blood pumping like a trailer for their favorite game. It could be a new IP, a sequel, or even a prequel, but cinematic trailers let the imagination run wild with possibility. "Was that two hookshots he brandished at the lizard-man?" "Oh, no, tell me I did not just see Yoda." "His new haircut looks emo." And of course there is no better place to show off the world's greatest games and their cinematic trailers than the biggest videogame expo in the world: E3.

Granted, this Takedown only goes as far back as E3 2006, which isn't an utterly comprehensive list by any means. That being said, you'd be hard-pressed to find better media than the following trailers, featuring some of the sickest kills, most unique settings, and most jaw-dropping "I-can't-believe-I 9;m-going-to-play-that" moments in E3 history.

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