Vanquish Game Informer Review Scan

According to Game Informer's review of Vanquish, the campaign lasts less than 4 hrs!!!! Here is a scan of the review. The second to last paragraph tells the bad news in which apparently the first play through can last less than 4 hrs.

They gave it a 7.75 out of 10

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Akagi3292d ago

Rental confirmed. Didn't like the demo. Seems to me that they are betting on people replaying the game over and over for the high scores and time trials.

Esena3292d ago

Why would you even rent this game if you didn't like the demo? I envy the time you have to play games. :(

zatrox3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

That is the main idea of this game. It's an arcade, old-school-like game that consists of you hunting down for high scores and just having fun.


Hahah, sometimes that happens indeed. Although still, you can spend hours, hell, even days trying to hunt a high-score. It's all about getting hooked up and having fun on the game, though, not about having a cinematic experience and then dropping it for other game.

@Natsu X FairyTail

You didn't played through Bayonetta only once, did you?

The idea of the game is OH LOOK IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY IN AN ARCADE!

Also, Neckbear cleared up the lenght. And no, cutscenes aren't counted on in-game time spent.

It's your kind of game if you simply enjoy playing it alone for high-scores, secrets and higher difficulties. If not, then stay away from it.

@Natsu edit:

Well, I see. I can see how Vanquish could get a price drop, but I myself know I'll love this, and I also like supporting Platinum and games that try something different.



I love you for having a brain.

Matthew943292d ago

"hunting down for high scores and just having fun."

sometimes one can prevent the other from happening

Natsu X FairyTail3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The Demo Was amazing but now I ask myself Why is the Game So Short? Bayonetta doenst have a Multiplayer mode but yet the game is atleast 8-10hours of campaign itself.

but 4-6 Hours ? what in the world! I would never spend 59.99$ on a Game like that.

And I was so hyped for this! I'll get a Used copy for cheap in a few months.

edit @ Zatrox

No I played it alot more but I'm scared of Purchasing a game that short for that much money. I got my hands on bayonettta when it was 39.99 a few months after it's realease. I'll probably do the same for Vanquish.

Lovable3292d ago

Well maybe because you move so fast in this game? I mean really, you can dash and cover the whole battlefield in a second...

raztad3292d ago

How devels expect people to spend $60 in a 4 hours long campaign, nor replayability, no coop, no multi, is beyond me.

MrMccormo3292d ago

Rental confirmed, but I'm going to love it. I wish the game had more content included. I really REALLY loved the demo.

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siyrobbo3292d ago

wtf does fable 2 have to do with this?

fable 2 lasted longer than 4 hours

Dread3292d ago

I have probably invested over 100 hrs in Fable 2

good try though.

Motorola3292d ago

I have heard that from many people ^ No way fable was 4 hours

JoySticksFTW3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

all over again.. : (

uh, do I really have to say sarcasm? :)

Viper73292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

//Oblivion: TES IV
all over again.. : (

uh, do I really have to say sarcasm? :)//


Oblivion is a short game, only 10-15 mins or so.

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zatrox3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Just logged on to reply to your comment, a copypaste from someone who played the game already:

In short, if you loved Z.O.E. 2 and Sin & Punishment 2, Vanquish is their offspring. yes, it's 4.5 hours long excluding cutscenes.

It's not really a campaign, that is, to say it's NOT like a Halo or God of War. Hell, it's even a departure from Bayonetta.

Vanquish has a scoring system, 5 different difficulties and a formula that works. There's no filler in this game.

It's like the best sandwich you've ever had. You may clear it in one sitting, but of course you'll have it again.

Also, pre-order bonus is like 3 additional guns. Might wanna snag it. Vanquish is an instant classic in the same vein as ZOE, S&P, and Gitaroo Man.


You wouldn't enjoy downloading 8 GBs of awesomeness, would you?


Whatever floats your boat, but I find myself to be more appealed to games like Vanquish rather than Oblivion with Guns 2.0.

Ares84PS33292d ago

4hours for $65 isn't a good deal. It might be a great game that you would replay over and over again but not for me and not for many others.

4hours all together? fine...make it $29.99 and I might get it.

But to be honest the demo wasn't that great so I might not even get it than.

tacosRcool3292d ago

Still this game's score kinda fits this game. I never enjoyed the demo and didn't get caught up in all the hype

Gue13292d ago

4 hours + $60 = it does not compute

Why isn't this game a downloable game on PSN for 25-30 dollars?

vickers5003292d ago

Not to mention the lack of a tacked on multiplayer mode. Seriously, when the campaign is the main focus, the game should be at least 10+ hours long, but if it's shorter, it should (idealistically) have some form of multiplayer (if the genre suits it that is, such as a shooter).

But 4 hours with no multiplayer mode, well this game is definitely not justified at $65.

Damn, and I was really looking forward to this one too :(

Guess I'll get it when it hits bargain bin prices (which shouldn't be that far off, seeing as how after this review, many aren't going to buy it, unless GameInformer is completely lying their asses off).

princejb1343292d ago

confirmed buying used at gamestop when the price is 17.99

fossilfern3292d ago

fuck sake serious ? i loved the demo but a 4 hour campaign :( think ill get fallout instead

joydestroy3292d ago

4hr campaign are you serious!? how could they mess it up like that!? def rental. jeez

HQLocated1113292d ago

not surprised. Wasn't impressed by the demo, plays exactly like lost planet 2 but with a cover system and robot enemies = boring/fail

zatrox3292d ago

Then you my friend, were playing it wrong.

God, now I get why games are so casualized. All of these self-entitled "gamers" are mentally challenged to such levels they can't get that a game plays differently from a simple cover-based shooter, nor explore or exploit said mechanics IN THE DEMO.


The demo played nothing like Lost Planet 2...everyone can tell you haven't even played the demo.

stuntman_mike3292d ago

i agree it did feel like lost planet with robots.

@zatrox how can he be playing it wrong, he can play the game how he likes who the hell are you to tell him how to play it. douche bag.

Holeran3292d ago

Nothing like Lost Planet or Lost Planet 2. Much faster action in this by the demo anyways. Shooting feel is similar but that is where the similarities end.

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billbox20103292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"They gave it a 7.75 out of 10"

rental game confirmed.

I cancelled my preorder. I beat the demo w/o dieing but didn't care for the gameplay.

ps: Japanese game industry dying...

Nugundam00793292d ago

The Japanese game industry is not dying-your just not willing enough to take a plunge into something thats different.

ChickeyCantor3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I welcome these over the top games.
Hope they keep making them. It actually shows they are going for complex kinds of systems. You can't say there was no effort!

3292d ago
ABizzel13292d ago

Wow 4 hr. campaign, no co-op, no online I'll definitely wait for it now.

It'll be $10 - $20 on gamefly a couple of weeks after it comes out.

ico923292d ago

4 hours ? does the game at least have online

TROLL EATER3292d ago

ill rent vanquish. somethin to warm up for gears 3

DigitalAnalog3292d ago

Did they play the game on "very easy" mode or what? I really hope this isn't the case.

-End statement

PopEmUp3292d ago

I don't have to waste money on this trash

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NYC_Gamer3292d ago

Wow..they are really cutting down sp only games

Convas3292d ago

Depends on the Dev.

All I know is I was debating what game to get first from October, Castlevania LOS or Vanquish. The choice is now clear. Vanquish is now officially a price-drop purchase.

OnlyTheTruth3292d ago

Disappointing. Was thinking about buying this with New Vegas on Tuesday but I might have to rent it first. I'd like to read the full review before I make any snap judgments, however.

XANDEO3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Looks like a good game, but sadly looks like rental being that short