Are Mass Effect PS3 players being short-changed?

CVG Debate: Is BioWare's 'introduction module' enough?

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Wildarmsjecht3291d ago

The article makes a couple of good points. I havent played any Mass Effect so I don't know what the explosive introduction that occurs in part 2 is. But I also don't know whether or not PS3 players are being short-changed because quite frankly, NO ONE knows what the "Up-to-speed" module will be for them. No one except Bioware. And considering the amount of praise Bioware has received for their ability to craft a story, it shouldn't be too hard for them to adequately bring players into the world of Mass Effect if they haven't played part 1.

I like that they said they'll be bringing hours of bonus content and introduction. In my eyes, that could relate to about 15 hours of story and gameplay, kind of like a game in somewhat fast forward to help people focus on the characters and there will be other things within the game to get the story of the first to the players. That would be my guess, but seeing as how I, like others don't actually know, I can't say for sure whether or not players will be short-changed.

I'd rather wait until we get full details from Bioware themselves.

callahan093291d ago

The "introductory module" is more than enough. My girlfriend played and loved Mass Effect 2 with no introductory module and without ever seeing the first game. Sure playing Mass Effect 1 makes Mass Effect 2 even more enjoyable, but it's still the same brilliant game and you won't feel lost at all if you never knew about the original. The original makes the sequel a more rich experience, but the sequel can easily stand alone.

ExplosionSauce3291d ago

The Introductory Module is quite a good idea, imo

gamingdroid3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The emotional investment you have in a character that you played in the first game then bring it over to the second game and have some of those action have an effect in the second game is something that is impossible to replicate with an "introductory module". It's like an investment you put into "your" world that you get more attached to as you spent many hours on it.

With that said, I think you won't miss what you don't know!

Nobody playing ME2 on PS3 will feel they miss anything except for the people that played both games!

I'm assuming the introduction is good, and should have some choices you can make. In fact, it better be damn good!

Red_Orange_Juice3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

HOW DO WE KNOW???????????????//

nobody seen this module yet or know what is it, maybe it's awesome, maybe it's not enough, NOBODY KNOWS, there is absolutely no ground to speculate, one can only GUESS but what's the point?

ExplosionSauce3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

[For example]
You don't need to play Gears 1 to play Gears 2. I would know.
I would also add that you don't need to play Uncharted 1 or Killzone 1(on PS2) to understand/enjoy the second games.

Unless it's a Metal Gear game. Then that's deeper :P

callahan093291d ago


I agree. And even in Metal Gear Solid 4 it's not entirely necessary. My girlfriend really enjoyed watching me play that game (she didn't play it herself, though) for the cutscenes, characters, story, plot, etc. and she had no exposure to the other games in the franchise. My brother loved MGS4 and the only other one he played was the original 10 years prior on PSone. The only way to get the back story in those games was via the MGS4 Database you could download from the PS Store. It was more than sufficient even though it was kind of a lot to take in for newbies. But the plot in Mass Effect is extremely simple. It's not terribly convoluted and full of twists and turns and conspiracies and double crosses etc. the way that the long history of Metal Gear is.

Aloren3291d ago

It's not about the complexity.
I started MGS with MGS4. I enjoyed it. Do I regret not playing all the others ? a little, maybe...not really.
Do people who played all 4 games "pity the fool" that I am for missing out on a great saga ? i'm sure they do... the same goes with ME2.
You don't need ME to enjoy M2. But don't expect it to mean anywhere near as much to you as it did to thousands of players who continued their save.
So people will miss a lot, they just won't care... (and no DLC-sized introduction module can replace ME1)

raztad3291d ago

I dont know and I dont care.

Not so long ago ME was a PC/xbox franchise, now it is also on PS3. The more game the better, PS3 owners will manage to enjoy it. No need to worry about us, CVG and other x-fans.


Like Yakuza 3, there is a introductory Module for new people, and tells you what happened in Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 1.

gamingdroid3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

It's clear to me that a lot of people here didn't play Mass Effect 1. Games like Uncharted, Gears of War or even Halo don't focus on the story driven nature like Mass Effect. Sure, it might have had great story, but it certainly wasn't the main focus of the game.

Mass Effect 1 wasn't good because of it's shooting mechanism and game play, in fact some would argue the shooting element was weak. It's the story line, revelation and how you invest into that character that makes the game great.

If you are just shooting things and watching cool cutscenes, then do you really care about the background story?

Mass Effect gives you choices, and story becomes yours and the world reveals itself piece by piece as you unravel the mystery behind it. Add that with consequences in the second game from your actions in the first, I can't imagine how anyone can compare it to your regular vanilla shooter that clearly has a weak story line and character development to begin with.

Again, MOST LIKELY you won't miss what you don't know!

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AceofStaves3291d ago

Agreed. This will be my first chance to play a 'Mass Effect' title, since I don't have a 360 or gaming PC. I'm sure Bioware will be able to introduce enough of the material to give PS3 owners a full understanding of the story.

This is only a video game, after all. Not Shakespeare.

Philoctetes3291d ago

Lots of 360/PC gamers have played ME2 without having played ME1, and they seemed to enjoy it. I assume I'll similarly enjoy ME2 on my PS3.

Christopher3291d ago

Something is better than nothing. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth (or any other orifice for that matter).

King-Leonidas3291d ago

Cmon MS, you gotta let go of ME. It's like live and let die or the other way around (i dont remember the quote)

visualb3291d ago

MGS4 worked well for new comes to the franchise, so no reason for ME2 not to work either

I really don't care, i'm playing through ME slowly (slowly because also doing total war =D) so I get the whole back story and so on

if you don't, don't worry, I'm sure bioware will work something out well =)

@ anyone saying "baah it won't work haha"
- you are just grasping at straws here.

vhero3291d ago

I say this... Who cares? I mean most PS3 players have probably played on PC and those who havn't, well... as long as they get the basic info on what's going on so they don't feel lost who cares right???

Denethor_II3291d ago

If you strip away all the side missions and just focus on the main story line you have quite a short game in reality. And don't forget the power of the blu ray.

SpaceGhost3291d ago

Of course the PS3 Owners are not being shortchanged cause A) they never got the first one and are not until the whole saga is out B) they should be and I am happy to even be getting it for the Ps3 in the first place. Its better that they are adding the module thing and not just sending out the 360/pc version. For example if you never got game "A" on your console and the developer was releasing game "B" onto said console would you not like some back story then none at all?

FACTUAL evidence3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

But MGS4 for an example. My little cousin never played MGS1, or 2, but 4 pretty much went over it so quick. I'm pretty sure the dev's of mass effect knows how to do this, they're the ones who made the game in the first place.

The only thing that probably won't be understood is the dead characters spoken about. You can easily find out what happened with them in 3 mins in a youtube video. I don't know how many times I must go through this, but for example, PS3 got saints row 2, never got the first, but it sums up
what happened.

Another example...look at devil may cry. A lot of 360 owners never even played a DMC game til 4, and it summed up ALL 3 stories before you started the game. Same can be done with ME2.

Just because someone didn't play the first installment doesn't mean the game won't be enjoyable, and it's mainly 360 fanboys saying the experience won't be good because some are still butthurt at the fact it's going mp(which it's always has been). Anyone who get's ME2 on ps3, and loves si-fi would enjoy ME2. I'm pretty sure if one wanted to know more they'll look it up like any other game/movie/book.

ThanatosDMC3291d ago

Get it on Steam. When i bought the game, it was $9.99. It might be even cheaper now.

himdeel3291d ago

...implementing a choose your path kind of cut scene story mode that plays into Mass Effect 2 could be nice. As much as I'd like to play through Mass Effect 1 I'd probably go on you tube or something to read the story of Mass Effect 1.

I'm not bothered that I'll be starting with the second game having never played the first. Now this could change once I play but for now I'm cool without the second game.

tacosRcool3290d ago

Waiting to see whats gonna be announced by Bioware is the best thing to do

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NYC_Gamer3291d ago

nope...because MGS4 also had flash backs for people who never played the others

PirateThom3291d ago

You say "flash backs", but they were hardly building huge narrative pieces, just still images from the past games.

The database was a much better intro for people who were new to the series.

NecrumSlavery3291d ago

no, youre wrong. interactive flashbacks and major story history throughout entirel game.

ShinMaster3291d ago

Hearing about it is not the same as experiencing those moments.

PirateThom3291d ago

I played the game through a ton of times, where's the interactive flashbacks? You mean that one section where in Shadow Moses? There's no "interaction", you press X you see a brief flash of whatever is being referenced, often meaningless to new players. It's a terrible way to present back story.

Chris_TC3291d ago

And which flashbacks/introduction do you suggest for Mass Effect 2?

What happened to the council? What happened to the Rachni queen? Which of your old crew members are still alive? What's the status on Cerberus?

These are questions every player answers differently because the game's storyline branches out so much depending on your decisions.

OhReginald3291d ago

yes its enough, now shush.

Redgehammer3291d ago

stated the following in a previous thread: "I imported a level 60 character into ME2 , and I was amazed at how many decisions, both minor and major, carried over into the story. It was awesome to deal with the reprecussions of my ME1 decisions,. Awesome! After completing that playthrough , I created a character from scratch, and was then told what "decision" I made with that Commander Shepherd in ME1. The differences in how I played and what Bioware wrote for me were quite vast. The universe Bioware gave me was nothing like the universe I "created" for myself through the decisions I made in ME1".
Somehow, I hope that my PS3 compatriots get a chance to make the choices from ME1 because they were really relevent to ME2, and imo integral to the ME experience.

dead_eye3291d ago

The introductory module could do that perfectly well. Maybe not the minor decisions (could be a little boring) but the major ones could be put in there for players to make there own choice. Be interesting to see what's done with it. I couldn't get into ME1 and never played ME2 which would you say was the better game?

divideby03291d ago

author is just forgetting how great BioWare can tell a story (which is the best thing about ME). If you dont think BioWare has the talent and capability to bring the story up to speed for ME2... you are just a blind fanboy, since we all know what a great story telling job Bioware does...
I played both ME on my 360, and Bioware will get the job done on the PS3 version. If you dont think so, you are just doubting Bioware since its no longer locked into the 360

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