Losing With Honour - MOH reboot receives a lukewarm reception

It would seem that Electronic Art’s re-enlisting into the military has become somewhat of a case of K.I.A for the newly modernised Medal Of Honor series. The relentless marketing campaign behind the shooter, as well as the controversial yet attention garnering furore surrounding the multiplayer Taliban saga have no doubt attracted a vast amount of public interest in MOH.

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Joni-Ice3294d ago

The sad thing is I reserved a copy from Amazon and the EA just for the beta codes and forgot to cancel one. LOL! Now I have two copies of a game that just didnt really do it for me.

SMW3293d ago

Just finished it. Thought it was better than mw2 by alot, though I only really play for SP. I didnt encounter any of the so called glitches that apparently ruin the game. Graphics were "different" but on par with mw2, better in some reguards. Guns were awesome to shoot and felt very chunky.

If anything it just needed some more epic set peices.

BLAKHOODe3293d ago

i finished it yesterday and thought the single player campaign was better than what any Call Of Duty game's campaign had to offer. i love the realism of it. the MP might not be upto par with Call Of Duty, but it's a major WIN with it's single player action.