Why You Should Buy Borderlands GOTY Edition, According To Claptrap

Game Informer: Claptrap must have enjoyed the spotlight from his recent DLC debut, as he’s the (troubled) star of the newest webisode by Gearbox. Unfolding on the set of the Borderlands: Game of the Year commercial, Claptrap explains why you should pick up the augmented edition of Gearbox's shooter. His rational involves not being satisfied with a diamond-encrusted toilet and harem of “mostly conscious” women, but instead of paraphrasing, we’ll just let you watch below.

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seinfan3295d ago

Borderlands was considered one of the GOTY?

Solbadguy3295d ago

They need to fix the PS3 mic issues first before they want people to buy their product. The mic problem has been there since the game came out a year ago. The PC version is a dream to play compared to the PS3 version.

vhero3295d ago

there no mic problem for me on ps3??

vhero3295d ago

I got 2 expantions would rather buy the other 2 than buy the GOTY now..