Insomniac admits having Identity issues with Resistance 3

James Stevenson, Senior Community Manager for Insomniac Games, has repplied in a gaming forum that "The best part about the extra time is that we were able to sit down and ask ourselves what could only happen in Resistance, what makes it unique and gives it that identity"

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come_at_me_bro3294d ago

A generic brown shooter with identity issues? Shocker.

arnoldocastillo20033294d ago

Jajajajajaja DUDE low blow LOL

Dragun6193294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'm sure Insomniac will nail the identity for Resistance 3.

I mean, have you heard the short preview of Resistance 3 Soundtrack on Insomniac's latest podcast? Holy Sht

Those leaked screens

And the Story sounds great.
- Story involves Capelli trying to get the Hale Vaccine
- The vaccine was made by Malikov from Hale's blood
- Vaccine might be able to cure the chimeran virus
- Capelli is doing this in order to save his son
- He goes with Malikov to New York, St. Louis, etc.

Man, I think they'll definitely deliver an awesome SP Campaign mode.

Pennywise3294d ago

You guys have NO room to talk about generic shooters. These screens just make you look wrong with your brown statement.

I bet you would prefer it more if it looked like this: http://www.wondercostumes.c...

arnoldocastillo20033294d ago

Dude i loved Resistance 1 but Resistance 2 i couldn´t loved it sorry but Resistance 2 was to much different from what made Resistance 1 a great and unique shooter, resistance 2 wasn´t coherent dont know why but i didn´t like it much.

toaster3294d ago

I'm pretty sure Chimera are brown, so your anti-brown argument is invalid. So YES it's a "brown shooter," you're just shooting the things that are brown.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3293d ago

This is typical behavior of a Xbox user who's envious of the PS3. Is there any other kind? Nope. No sir. So sad.*sad face*

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