GameBlurb: Sonic 2 Vs Sonic 4 Speed Test - Is Sonic Showing His Age?

GameBlurb writes, "After spending some time with the new Sonic there was something bothering us. Something about Sonics movement just didn’t seem right. So to see what had changed in his latest outing we decided to compare him to his former self in Sonic the Hedgehog 2."

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liquidxtension3288d ago

Why the hell does sonic even walk?????

junk3d3288d ago

Yeah, I agree the hedgehog is getting up there I'm years. Time to send him to the "farm" if you ask me.

evildeli3288d ago

As old as he may be, I'll take sonic 4 over the werehog any day

RageAgainstTheMShine3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

it was the same lame animation we saw many months ago when Sega showed the first trailer.

where have all the nimbleness of Sonic gone?

slow blow!

Sega & Dimps never did nothing to fix & speed him up.
We were right from the start.

And why is Sonic rendered that way as if he is colored in semi 2D sprite-ish fashion? He is not blending properly with the backgrounds.

jaidek3288d ago

This was my biggest gripe from the begging with this game. They just didn't capture Sonic's original feel with his movement. And what the hell is with them removing his ability to roll off cliffs in a ball? Every time he pops out and goes into his falling animation. Lame.

FunAndGun3288d ago

agreed, that ish pissed me off.

Kiroe3288d ago

What kills me is that they had 5 or so Sonic games to reference when making this game. There is no excuse for not matching the originals control.

thekillerchrist3288d ago

Falling animation? More like falling still image.

Relientk773288d ago

That falling animation thing really pissed me off, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Like how are are u supposed to go fast through the levels if u cant fall off cliffs into a ball and keep going

Millah3288d ago

If you guys want a GOOD Sonic game thats newer, you really need to play the Sonic Advance and DS games. Those actually make improvements on the old games, and don't fall flat.

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MicrocutsX23288d ago

Man this game was such a disappointment for me.

shak3288d ago

it's a real shame you can't capture the speediness of sonic on modern consoles. i'm pretty sure if they made him any faster to compensate for his "perceived slowness" it would get pretty difficult to control him.

junk3d3288d ago

For all intensive purposes Sonic is moving at the same speed he has always gone, it's just his animation that is deceiving us.
Still a solid game for Sonic fans.

evildeli3288d ago

i believe you mean intents and purpose

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The story is too old to be commented.