GamesEyeView: Exclusive EA Sports MMA Interview with Jason Barnes

GEV Says: This week, we got a chance to sit down with Jason Barnes, the creative director for the upcoming EA Sports MMA, from Electronic Arts. Jason was kind enough to answer some questions we had on the game and to shed some light on some other topics for us. We’re pretty big MMA fans at GamesEyeView, and as such are really excited to see how the game handles. Without further delay, let’s get on to the interview:

GamesEyeView: With the UFC Undisputed series already out there and well received by critics, why the decision to jump into the MMA game market?

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TheRealLando3288d ago

Great interview. I'm not a HUGE MMA fan, but this one has me intrigued.

Nightshade3863288d ago

We were really excited to sit down with him. We've got some guys on our site who are more into MMA than others, so we tried to make sure we asked questions for those of us who weren't well versed in the sport either.