WhatIfGaming: Medal of Honor: Limited Edition Review – The Modern Classic Failure

WhatIfGaming writes: "Medal of Honor makes its reignited gameplay debut in a new form of violence. There are terrorists, a lot of scripted sequences, and moreover a level of moderate intensity that is typical to any low-grade B-flick. While Medal of Honor places an importance on the few hundreds of soldiers lucky enough to be Tier 1, a group of highly trained men beyond the Special Operations Command, it fails to provide any of the heart-pounding action it promises."

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Soldierone3287d ago

Completely disagree. If you don't think the SP, while short, didn't provide intense heart pounding thrilling events then you obviously didn't play the entire game and only the first few levels. That and the SP is friggin fun as heck in Tier 1 mode, but it requires skill. One thing Medal of Honor has always been able to hold over CODs head is a story, and it still lives that way.

I never read this site, but they are bashing this game for the same things COD offered, so if they are hating this game for those aspects their COD review better read the same way. When Black Ops comes out it better have the same nagging picky comments too.