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I recently purchased a Playstation Move, and after hearing that a Heavy Rain Move Edition patch was on its way, I was ecstatic. Could this be the definitive Heavy Rain experience that just couldn't be matched with a controller?

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Gambit073291d ago

Can we jiggle Madison boobs with the move?

GWAVE3291d ago

Madison had boobs?

Maybe jiggle her butt cheeks....maybe.

TheLastGuardian3291d ago

You didn't play Heavy Rain, did you?

Bigpappy3291d ago

It adds another hardcore game. Need more original game that can not be played with DS3.

sdtarm3291d ago

why? wii games most if not all can be played with a standard controller, I think that i could play some with even a SNES controller, ur statements are bland and stpid

TOO PAWNED3291d ago

says the guy with one bubble, go figure

Theodore873291d ago

The pot calling the kettle black!
Why do you have 3 bubbles only?

ChronoJoe3290d ago

Most Wii games don't support GC controller.

Panthers3291d ago

Personal attacks are unnecessary. He is just saying he wants some more games designed with Move from the ground up.

WithMyLastBreath3291d ago

He talks more about the actual story elements (how if you have played it once that's good enough) but also says the move really pulls you into the scene. So the game gets marked down points because Th reviewer has already played it? Move wasnt meant to give the game longevity, only for an alternate means of playing the game. It seems it did what it intended to do.

Wh15ky3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I love Heavy Rain but I haven't grown to like it with the Move yet.
I played the Taxidermist DLC with Move and a couple of chapters of the main game, there are moments when I start to think it's great but then doing small things, like cleaning your finger prints off of all the things you've touched in the shop can be very irritating and sometimes your actions seem non-responsive.
Perhaps I just need more time to get used to it. The first time I played RE5 with Move I didn't like it, but now I think it's absolutely brilliant and far better than using the DS3.

N4Great3291d ago

"Perhaps I just need more time to get used to it"

exactly ;)

Close_Second3291d ago

...but using Move does not make it any better in this instance. I would actualy rate using the SIXAXIS better than move on this one.

N4Great3291d ago

disagree, it's way more immersive with move, you probably did'nt play all the game with move (demo only ?)

dragunrising3290d ago

If a good number of people are having issues with Move support, how about you explain how its better.

Simply saying that it "takes time to get used to it" isn't enough. Consider those PS3 owners that have yet to purchase Move (like me).

Currently, the only two titles that have made me interested in Move are Socom 4 and Killzone 3. And thats only if they don't gimp the multiplayer and divide everyone into Move or DualShock 3 exclusive groups.

visualb3291d ago

but if anything, they should have waited for move before releasing heavy rain and released it as launch title bundle...

but thats my opinion

TheLastGuardian3291d ago

From what I played in the HR Move demo I thought the game doesn't work well with the Move. I prefer the DS3 for this game.

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