Gran Turismo 5 not in 2010 ... says Gamestop

The US retailer gamestop is listing Gran Turismo 5 for next year. Gamestop is showing January 1st as release date.

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52pickup3288d ago

January 1st is a saturday.

Keith Olbermann3288d ago

If what sony and PD are saying is correct this game wont slip into 2011. It would be poor move on their part for sure.

blumatt3288d ago

It WILL be released before Christmas. There's no way Sony will lose out on all those sales.

milf_sex3288d ago

Wow...dumbasses...its a place holder date. Its coming this year for sure.

John-1173288d ago

Until then me and you let's get to "work"!

PS360fanboy3288d ago

It will most likely release in 2011... I've played this series since the first one, I've seen this happen time and time again, and so did you guys.

Plyphony, at its best=/

ExplosionSauce3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Polyphony had nothing to do with it.
They pretty much finished the game, but Sony wanted to have every game after October be updated to the new SKU. Which PD now had to change. They missed the production window by 3 days, so now the next release window is 3 weeks or so from the original date.

MostJadedGamer3288d ago

But is is a 2011 placeholder date. Gamestop does NOT ever delay a game from the Holiday season until the next year unless they are absolutely sure about it which means having confirmation from someone at Sony in this case.

Gamestop is all about getting preorders, and u dont do that by displaying a 2011 placeholder date if the game has any chance at all of coming out this year.

This means that Gamestop got direct confrimation from someone at Sony that the game will NOT be out this year.

Chromer3288d ago

I'm not even going to start on this one but that's the biggest bs I've read in a long time.

irepbtown3288d ago

Most big retailers had 2009 release date which wasn't even confirmed by anyone. So this 2011 date could easily be another mistake.

bennyace3288d ago

until it's officially released before calling anything BS shall we?

Kon_Artist 3288d ago

they would release it at the latest around Christmas time

tacosRcool3288d ago

Tuesdays are release days

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jim2wheels3288d ago

Are Gamestop now the authority figure in release dates? Are we all to bow to the mighty knowledge and great honesty of retail outlets?? This "article" is worthy of an employed/paid persons time???

Gaming journalism has truely lost its way...

wanaraceu3288d ago

I can't take this anymore I have never felt this way about a game. I have never felt so anxious before about a game comming out. Maybe It's a sign I'm addicted to games and I need to get out more lol

dirtydbz3288d ago

sad thing is by the time you relise this it just may be too late honestly I am addicted to reading about this game

wanaraceu3288d ago

Lol I think ur right I hear u brother :)

Dnied3288d ago

If it makes you feel any better, I've spent about $500 on this game (G27 and collectors edition) LOL

Sometimes I don't even believe myself :S

3288d ago
wanaraceu3288d ago

I'm sure it's 2010 too they said we will not be waiting long.