Pitchford: Not saving Duke would've been a life regret

Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford believes bringing Duke Nukem Forever back from the dead was something he had to be involved with, or he would have regretted not doing so for the rest of his life.

Asked if breathing life back in Duke Nukem was the biggest thing he'd done in his career, Pitchford said: "On a personal level, it's very big. I don't know what to expect when it comes out in America. I know I've got to do what I've have to do, and everybody involved feels the same way - like, we just have to do it."

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Quagmire3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Im already regretting the cancellation of Armada of the Damned. Hope someone picks it up and finishes it!

But seriously, is anyone expecting Duke Nukem Forever to be any good? Im not holding my breath.

HQLocated1113285d ago

It's going to get overhyped and it's going to end up being a mediocre game. Gameplay vids don't look impressive.

AngryFork3285d ago

You guys are nuts. Go back to COD. This game will be great, even if it's not the end-all of FPS games it's going to be very different in a genre that's plagued with realism and noob BS. This will be pure arcade fun.

Bass_fisherman3285d ago

Not impressive but their awesome! get it

dinkeldinkse3285d ago

I disagree about FPS being plagued with realism. Most FPS have a realistic setting, but are super noob-friendly, arcadey shooters. I laugh at anyone that tries to tell me that the plethora of "Modern Warfare" games have realism.

AngryFork3285d ago


Yea I know what you mean I know COD games now are arcade compared to something like Killzone 2 but what I meant was aesthetically and the design of how everything works.

Like in COD's you can generally only hold 2 weapons and all of the weapons/environments are based on real-life and so on. With Duke it's just going to be a cool fun sci fi game. Halo is practically the only major successful one right now that's doing that.

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gypsygib3285d ago

Duke is dead, died of old age.

Best it will be is a zombie but the new(er) kids will run circles around it.

MasterChief36243285d ago

I think Mr./Mrs. Pessimist over here should start their day out with some more sugar-topped Cheerios. Stop eating the unsugared oatmeal. Makes you grumpy and make ridiculous assumptions. :(

BlackTar1873285d ago

i loved all the orignal esp. Duken nukem 3d takes the white house just makes me laugh.

Akagi3285d ago

Looking at Randy's track record, I'm not exactly over the moon about this.

dgroundwater3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

From his Wiki: "Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life for PlayStation 2, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, James Bond 007: Nightfire, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Halo: Combat Evolved for PC and the Brothers In Arms series. More recently Gearbox developed Borderlands."

Most of these games scored 7-9 / 10. What's not to like? Plus he's like the nicest guy in every interview.

user8586213285d ago

I have faith in Gearbox, this game will do well!