Joystiq: Fable 3 Preview - It's the Economy, Stupid

"When we started Fable 3, we wanted the economy to matter more for a variety of reasons. Partially because we wanted it to be a real way for players to problem solve in the game and pick and choose their own path as to how they wanted to take advantage of the economy," Atkins explains. As a revolutionary fighting his or her way from insurgent to ruler, your relationship with money is more complicated and "therefore, it had to be more stable."

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Myst3293d ago

Kind of glad that they took out that "Gain money while offline" at the same time I'm not really that glad. On the one hand it made the game so easy in terms of buying things, but on the same note it was that too easy.

I'm hoping this time around it will be a lot harder to gain money or something. As I enjoyed Fable 2 and popped it in today to see that I have over 1.5 million or something just by having the system off.